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Get Ready to Flip Out, One Million Moms: JC Penney Launches Father’s Day Ad Featuring ‘Real Life’ Gay Dads

Get ready for another 'One Million Moms' hissy fit…

JC Penney has proven yet again that it couldn’t give a damn about the legions of haters and bigots out there. The department store chain that incurred the wrath of homophobic “family values” groups like One Million Moms when it hired lesbian TV personality Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesmodel and then featured a lesbian couple and their daughters in its Mother’s Day catalog has done it again.

Truth Wins Out reports that Penney’s has rolled out a Father’s Day ad featuring ‘real-life’ gay couple Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their kids Claire and Mason. To add insult to the haters’ injury, the children appear to be of a different race than their daddies.

The ad reads: “First Pals: What makes Dad so cool? He’s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver–all rolled into one. Or two.”

No word yet from One Million Moms. Perhaps they’re too busy tilting at windmills, like trying to prevent one of DC Comics’ superheroes from coming out of the closet (word on the street is that it’s Alan Scott, aka The Green Lantern) or railing against The Gap for it’s “Be Bright- Be One” ad, in which two gay men are pressed together under a shared t-shirt. Or perhaps they’re still throwing a hissy fit over this innocent lesbian kiss in a recent Urban Outfitters catalog.

Perhaps. But something tells me we’ll be hearing from them about this latest ‘crime’ against decent “family values.” This is, after all, a group that is a faction of the rabidly homophobic American Family Association (AFA), a hate group whose founder, Bryan Fischer, said gays were responsible for the Holocaust.

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