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‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Spreads– Hackensack, NJ Man Wayne Carter Stabs Himself, Throws Skin and Intestines at Police

Those who believe the zombie apocalypse to be upon us could be forgiven after yet another bizarre and gruesome holiday weekend incident involving a crazed man eviscerating human flesh made headlines.

On Saturday, Miami police shot and killed Rudy Eugene, a naked, drug-crazed transient seen feasting on the face of a hapless man on a highway offramp. Eugene continued chewing the face off his victim even after being shot by an officer; it took three rounds to put the zombie-like assailant down.

Now comes the disturbing story of Wayne Carter, a 43-year-old Hackensack, New Jersey man who prompted a police response after he was seen brandishing a knife and threatening to stab himself.

When police arrived at his home and kicked down the door around 10pm Sunday night, Carter began yelling at the officers as he stabbed himself all over his body. He wounded himself so badly that his intestines were protruding from a gash in his abdomen, and as officers entered his room he began throwing skin and intestines at them.

Orders to drop the large knife he was shanking himself with fell upon deaf ears. The crazed man then waved his knife at  the officers, forcing them to empty two cans of pepper spray in his face. Incredibly, that had no effect.

The shocked officers retreated and called in the Bergen County SWAT team, which helped subdue Carter so he could be transported to a nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. He was listed in critical condition as of Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, Carter has a history of disorderly conduct and resisting arrests and has been hospitalized with mental health issues in the past. But self-evisceration is uncharted territory for him, as well as for the stunned officers who responded to Sunday’s 911 call.

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  1. J JonesMay 30, 2012 at 6:55 amReply

    I expected a copycat eventually of the guy in Miami, but nothing like this or this fast!!!

  2. RiceMay 30, 2012 at 9:46 pmReply

    Also, making the headlines in Canada, are body parts being sent to the Conservative Party office (near Parliament Hill, like the Canadian White House). Sent by this guy, allegedly.–who-is-luka-rocco-magnotta

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