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Milenko & Slavojka Marinkovic, Bosnian Couple, Arrested for Enslaving and Torturing German ‘Animal’ Girl Betina Siger for 8 Years

(Photo: B92)

A Bosnian couple has been arrested and charged with enslaving an 11-year-old German girl, who they starved, tortured and treated like an animal for eight years.

Milenko and Slavojka Marinkovic, two Roma, or gypsies, were arrested at their home Karavlasi, in the northwestern Tuzla region on May 17 after neighbor Saed Makalic notified police.

“I could not watch them beat and starve her any more,” he said.

The 19-year-old victim, identified as Betina Siger, was allegedly brought by her mother, identified by Serbian radio and TV network B92 as Kristina Siger, to Bosnia from her native Germany when she was just 11 years old so that she could later marry Milenko to help him get a German residency permit. Seeger, who is also German, was once married to Milenko.

According to the Herald-Sun, neighbor Makalic personally witnessed the girl being horrifically abused. He said the Marinkovics treated her like a farm animal and forced her to eat pig feed. He also said he saw Milenko harness the girl to a horse cart and force her to pull the vehicle while he and a friend sat in it and whipped her while laughing.

Spiegel Online also reports that Siger’s captors cut her with knives and denied her medical care for her wounds. They also sicced dogs on her.

Local newspapers also reported allegations of rape, citing neighbors who heard Siger screaming and crying. Serbian radio and television network B92 reports that several men raped the girl and that she was forced to have sex with dogs for her captors’ amusement.

Police spokesman Admir Arnautovic confirmed the arrests of Milenko, age 52, and Slavojka, who is 45.

“They kept her locked up, neither allowing her contact with other people, nor to go to school,” he told FTV. “They subjected her to inhumane treatment and torture.”

FTV reports that Siger has been removed to a safe house and is receiving medical treatment.


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  1. Mahir ZukicMarch 15, 2016 at 7:53 pmReply

    Not Bosnian but Bosnian-Serb. They aren’t muslims they are orthodox

  2. Very ConcernedApril 24, 2016 at 3:42 pmReply

    Regardless of fact that the entire article did not mention religion once, Mahir decided to point out which religion the couple belonged to. Seems as if the horrific atrocities were an afterthought to the fact that they were identified as Bosnian because they definitely weren’t Muslim and needed to be designated as Bosnian-SERBS.

    Normalization of such events is fueled by divisiveness because as long as THEY committed it, its okay. Instead of focusing on the idea that men of various religions, backgrounds, and cultural identities brutally raped and tortured this girl you chose to highlight their religious beliefs? Mahir, if it were you getting whipped while harnessed to a cart, would you stop to note your captors religion? Do you think Betina even cared if they were Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Albania, Macedonian,Hungarian, Greek, German, Russian? I’m sorry if I fail to see the relevance, but your comment is purely ignorant. Dear sir, the year is 2016 -not 1996.

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