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Missing Italian Girl Emanuela Orlandi ‘Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties,’ Claims Top Catholic Exorcist

Emanuela Orlandi disappeared in Rome in 1983.

The Catholic Church’s leading exorcist claims that an Italian teenager who disappeared in Rome nearly 30 years ago was kidnapped by the Vatican and forced into sexual slavery before being murdered.

The shocking allegation in the mysterious case of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi was made by Father Gabriele Amorth, who was appointed by the late Pope John Paul II as the Vatican’s chief exorcist, on Tuesday.

Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, went missing after leaving a music lesson in Rome on June 22, 1983. Her disappearance has been the subject of much debate, and rampant speculation, in Italy for decades.

But Father Amorth, who is 85 years old, says he knows what happened to the girl.

“It’s a crime of a sexual nature,” Amorth told the Italian newspaper La Stampa in Rome.

“This was a crime with a sexual motive,” he said in an article translated by The Telegraph. “Parties were organised, with a Vatican gendarme [policeman] acting as the ‘recruiter’ of the girls.”

“The network involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy to the Holy See. I believe Emanuela ended up a victim of this circle,” he asserted.

Father Amorth says that after her abductors were finished with Orlandi, they had her murdered and her body was disposed of.

Amorth is one of the Vatican’s most controversial and outspoken officials. He raised eyebrows last year when he declared that the internationally popular “Harry Potter” book and film franchise were “evil,” as was the practice of yoga, because it leads to the worship of Hindu gods and “a cult of the body.”

The missing girl’s fate has captivated Italians for decades. Shortly after her disappearance, Orlandi’s father received a series of phone calls which seemed to suggest that she had been kidnapped as a bargaining chip to be traded for the prison release of Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk who shot Pope John Paul II in the Vatican in 1981.

Last week, The Telegraph reported that Italian police opened the tomb of Enrico de Pedis, a notorious mobster murdered in 1990 in order to investigate claims that Orlandi’s remains were interred alongside him. They were not, and the mystery of the girl’s fate continues.

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