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Carmen Bejan, Romanian Medical Student Jailed for Gruesome Murder, Suing Prison over Stillborn Baby

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A Romanian woman sentenced to 20 years behind bars for a gruesome murder is suing her jailers, blaming them for her stillborn baby.

Carmen Bejan, 23, got pregnant last year after falling for another prison inmate. This week, she gave birth to a stillborn, deformed girl with no hands. Bejan claims her baby died as a result of improper medical care during her pregnancy. According to the Daily Mail, she is planning on suing Arad penitentiary for “murdering” her child.

That’s an interesting choice of words, considering that Bejan was tried and convicted of murder in 2009. Bejan, a 20-year-old medical student at the time, and her fellow student boyfriend Sergiu Florea, killed 65-year-old Trifu Schroth after Bejan lured him to her home in Timisoara by promising him sex.

After robbing their victim, Bejan and Florea used their surgical equipment to chop his body into manageable chunks which they then attempted to dispose of by loading them into a car in plastic bags. An alert medical student spotted the killers and called police.

Bejan married convicted drug dealer Claudiu Stratan while imprisoned and got pregnant by him during a conjugal visit last year. She believes that being denied her food cravings caused her baby’s death.

In March, Bejan said it was “pure torture” to suffer from insatiable cravings.

“These cravings are a way for a woman’s body to tell her what foods are needed to satisfy the mineral and vitamin requirements of the unborn child,” she said.

“By denying me access to those foods they are causing mental torture to myself and physical risk to my unborn child.” 

“The cravings make me really sick because I can’t get the food I crave for unless I get visits from my family, and the only thing I can do is keep on suffering. What pains me most is that my child is in pain also – I fear I could lose the baby because of these cravings, but I have the feeling nobody cares.”

Prison medic Sorin Prisca said the dead baby’s deformities were caused by stress and that an investigation is underway to determine if any medical mistakes had been made in Bejan’s care.

Upon learning of Bejan’s miscarriage, Lucretia Schroth, Trifu’s widow, said:

“God has punished her for what she did.”

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