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Fox News Anchor Shep Smith Says Obama “Now in 21st Century” on Gay Marriage; Calls Those Who Oppose it “On Wrong Side of History”

It is a very rare occasion indeed when a Fox News host makes it into our “Moral High Ground” feature. But today is one of those occasions.

Behold, Shep Smith, anchor of the Fox Report with Shepard Smith, one of the much-maligned network’s “real news” programs, surprising everyone by hailing President Obama for coming out in support of same-sex marriage:

“The president of the United States, now in the 21st century,” Smith quipped, a backhanded yet very important compliment in that it implicitly endorses marriage equality– quite possibly the first time Fox News has done so.

But Smith didn’t stop there. He continued:

“What I’m most curious about,” he asked Brett Baier, another “real news” anchor at Fox, “is whether it’s your belief that in this time of rising debts and medical issues and all the rest, if Republicans would go out on a limb and try to make this a campaign issue while sitting very firmly, without much question, on the wrong side of history on it.”

“I don’t know about that, Shep, Baier retorts, citing the fact that voters in 32 states have passed laws banning same-sex marriage.

But there was no unsaying what Smith had said, and Fox News’ very own evolution on gay marriage was underway. Indeed, on the Fox Nation website, a headline reading OBAMA FLIP FLOPS, DECLARES WAR ON MARRIAGE was quickly changed to a less offensive, bigotry-free OBAMA FLIP FLOPS ON GAY MARRIAGE.

Perhaps someone in charge at Fox News is starting to see the writing on the wall?

A tale of two headlines: Fox Nation's take on Obama's historic endorsement, before (L) and after (R)

Like the rest of America, Fox News too shall evolve. In a decade, maybe sooner, we’ll all be looking back in disbelief that we as a nation could deny equality to an entire segment of our population.

Shep Smith is right. Those who oppose equality are “sitting very firmly on the wrong side of history.” Moral Low Ground salutes him for having the courage to say so.

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