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German Investigators Discover Al-Qaeda Plot to Hijack Cruise Ships and Execute Passengers in Orange GITMO Jumpsuits

German investigators have discovered a shocking al-Qaeda plot to hijack European cruise ships and execute passengers in orange Guantánamo-style jumpsuits.

CNN reports that German cryptologists uncovered hundreds of al-Qaeda documents embedded in a pornographic video on a memory disk found in the possession of suspected Austrian terrorist Maqsood Lodin. Lodin was arrested as he entered Germany returning from Pakistan via Hungary last May; a suspected accomplice, Yusuf Ocak, traveled with him and was also arrested separately.

Hidden in Lodin’s underwear were a digital storage device and memory cards, on which was a pornographic video titled “Kick Ass” and a file marked “Sexy Tanja.” German investigators found more than 100 al-Qaeda documents embedded in the porn; anti-terror officials are calling the find “pure gold” and the most significant collection of al-Qaeda documents unearthed since the US raid on the late Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound one year ago to the day.  

One daring plan involved hijacking cruise ships in Europe and executing passengers in orange jumpsuits similar to those worn by detainees in the US concentration camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The executions would be videotaped and used as leverage to secure the release of al-Qaeda prisoners held by the US and its allies in the so-called War on Terror.

Lodin and Ocak are now on trial in Berlin. They have pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges. Ocak is also charged with aiding in the formation of a terror group which calls itself the German Taliban Mujahedeen, which has threatened to attack German targets. Prosecutors allege that the pair met while training at a camp in Pakistan and were dispatched back to Europe to recruit a network of suicide bombers.

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