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‘One Million Moms’ Outraged over Lesbian Kiss in Urban Outfitters Catalog

An anti-gay group masquerading as a force against child exploitation is up in arms over a photo of a lesbian kiss in a popular clothing retailer’s latest catalog.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that One Million Moms, a faction of the rabidly homophobic American Family Association (AFA), issued a warning on its website after discovering two beautiful young women kissing in the latest Urban Outfitters catalog. Here’s what One Million Moms had to say about the photo:

WARNING! The April 2012 catalog from Urban Outfitters has begun arriving in home mailboxes the last couple of days. On page two of this catalog is a picture of two women kissing in a face holding embrace! The ad and catalog are clearly geared toward teenagers.

Before your child has a chance to read the newest Urban Outfitters catalog call to unsubscribe from their mailing list at 1-800-282-2200, and then throw it away. When you call be sure to let them know why you are unsubscribing. Tell them you will also no longer shop at their stores if you hear this type of advertising continues. The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company’s target customer.

The reason why One Million Moms finds the harmless image of two girls kissing so offensive is simply that it, as a branch of the AFA, is a hate group. AFA founder Bryan Fischer said this about homosexuality:

“Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.”

This isn’t the first time One Million Moms has attacked a company for treating gays and lesbians like normal human beings. You may recall that the group declared war against J.C. Penney a couple of months ago after the department store chain hired lesbian TV personality Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Urban Outfitters has yet to issue a public response to One Million Moms’ latest crusade. Company president and CEO Richard Hayne is himself known as something of a homophobe. He has donated more than $13,000 to gay-hater Rick Santorum’s failed presidential campaign, and in 2008 Urban Outfitters removed a pro-gay marriage T-shirt from store shelves.

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  1. Fahamisha JaramogiApril 20, 2012 at 8:16 amReply

    They need to practice in the method that the person they profess to follow would, in essence, What would Jesus do? He would be/show tolerance for others and their lifestyle, which wasn’t similiar to his. Live and let live! Mind your business and live your life to the best of their ability.

  2. WendyApril 20, 2012 at 10:10 amReply

    If you look at their FB site, they only have about 40000 members Lol

    • Brett WilkinsApril 20, 2012 at 10:24 amReplyAuthor

      A million moms indeed!

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