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Melissa Borrett’s Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service Offers Nude Housecleaning, But Is It Legal?

A Texas woman could be on a collision course with the morality police over her successfully titillating nude housecleaning service.

Lubbock single mom Melissa Borrett was struggling to make ends meet. “As a single mother, I had been working a variety of different jobs, including waitressing out at the strip club,” she explained to KCBD. “I was having to answer to a lot of people.”

No more. Borrett came up with the idea for a nude cleaning business, and Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service was born. The all-girl enterprise is just like any other maid service, except that they’ll bare all upon request.

A fully-nude hour-long cleaning session will set you back $100 an hour for one maid, $150 for a pair of them.

This isn’t some front for a sleazy sex business. “We have a very strict no touching policy,” Borrett told KCBD. “There is definitely nothing illegal going on, we really clean houses.”

But Lubbock Police Sergeant Jonathan Stewart begs to differ. This is, after all, the Texas panhandle, one of the most conservative areas of the country. Sgt. Stewart considers Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service a “sexually-oriented business” which requires a permit to operate within city limits. Borrett does not have a permit.

“Just the fact employees are topless or semi-nude in this case, it’s just not allowed,” Stewart told KCBD, adding that the business could be fined for breaking the law.

“Without a permit would result in a penalty of a $2,000 fine,” he explained. “Each day would result in another penalty.”

Still, Borrett says her business is booming.

“We’ve had college students, business people and paramedics,” she told KCBD. “We actually offer a discount to law enforcement.”

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