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‘American Idiots’: Majority of Likely Mississippi GOP Primary Voters Believe President Obama is a Muslim, According to PPP Poll

The majority of likely voters in Mississippi’s upcoming Republican primary election believe that President Obama is a Muslim.

So say the results of a new Public Policy Polling survey as reported in the Huffington Post. Of the 656 likely GOP voters polled, 52% said the President is a Muslim, while only 12% believe he is a Christian. Fully 36% said they weren’t sure what religion he belonged to.

In neighboring Alabama, which like Mississippi is also holding its GOP primary tomorrow, 45% of 600 likely primary voters said Obama is a Muslim. Only 14% consider him a Christian, while 41% said they weren’t sure which faith he followed.

For the record, President Obama is a Christian.

Some of the Southern misperception about the President’s faith must unfortunately be chalked up to the racism that still pervades much of the region’s culture. Public statements from leading politicians and clergy also stoke the flames of misinformation, like GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum’s questioning of Obama’s faith. Last month, the fundamentalist candidate said Obama’s leadership is driven by “a different theology.”

“It’s not about your quality of life,” Santorum told a Tea Party rally in Ohio. “It’s not about your jobs. It’s about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible.”

Santorum may have been talking about what he perceives as a “theology” of liberal secularism, but his comments were seen by many as a disingenuous attempt to cast doubt upon Obama’s Christian faith. Theology, after all, refers to religion, and religion is the opposite of secularism.

Rumors that Obama is a Muslim are nothing new. An August 2010 poll revealed that nearly one out of every five Americans believed the President was a Muslim.

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