Moral Low Ground


‘The Moral High Ground’: In Full-Page Washington Post Ad, Retired U.S. Generals Urge Obama to “Say No to War of Choice with Iran”

A group of retired high-level U.S. military and intelligence officials have bought a full-page ad in the Washington Post urging President Obama not to start a war with Iran.

“Mr. President: Say No to War of Choice with Iran,” the ad begins, followed by a series of quotes from former and current Pentagon and intelligence brass, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (who has publicly stated that Iran is not trying to develop nuclear weapons), highlighting the dangers of attacking Iran.

Beneath those quotes is an open letter to President Obama. Here’s the full-page ad as it appeared in the Post:


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  1. jack r tattisMarch 5, 2012 at 2:22 pmReply

    I am afraid that I cannot trust your nation to honour its’ treaties if you believe the guff that these cowards are sprouting. American Chamberlains the lot of them.One of them said we should not strike because they are targeting the gulf states, I have not seen any report of those states up in arms about this statement. If Iran gets the “BOMB” IT WILL USE IT and will hold the middle east to ransom because the Americans were too afraid to strike. The Iranians word means zero because we are the enemy, if they can threaten fellow Muslims what do you think they will do to places like Israel Europe.DO NOT BE COWARDS AND LET THIS PIDDLING NATION THREATEN YOU AND GET AWAY WITH IT.This is about oil, you want it,fight for it,you have a legitimate reason this time.

  2. Tom SimpsonMarch 5, 2012 at 9:28 pmReply

    Who has forgotten Iran Contra? VP George Bush Sr was on top of the guns for hostages deal with Iranian mullahs. The question is, who benefits from a war on Iran or Syria or both? Who? IAEA reports still read that Iran stopped developing the centerfuges with which to make nuclear bombs, in 2003. The US national intelligence estimate NIE, verifies that report. So why is Netanyahu lying through his teeth? Maybe it’s because he is made in the mold of Igor Yabotinsky, the former British agent of influence who dedicated his life to the greater good of the British empire. Thank goodness there are saner members of the Israeli leading establishment who are vehemently against war with Iran. Such as war plays into the hands of the British game of “lets you and them fight.” And in this case the You is the United States. And the Them is Russia and China. The collapse of the Trans-Atlantic monetary and financial system is disintegrating which puts the British empire at existential risk. The trans-Pacific region is relatively healthy compared to the demise of the trans-Atlantic system, which consist of the Eurozone and the US. Thus if Russia and China are not willing to back down on the issues of Syria and Iran, which is the purpose of this British exercise, we’re headed for WWIII. that is the strategic reality we face and must deal with. We have American patriots not willing to play the game who are taking war avoidance measures as that in the Post ad. But it is not enough. The British must be stopped. And the best way to do that is remove British puppet Obama from office, thus removing the US thermonuclear weapons option from British control. Without President Obama’s finger on the nuclear trigger, civilization has a chance to survive. US political leaders must use Impeachment or Apply Sec 4 of the 25th Amendment and get Obama out now. WWIII is the alternative.

    • Brett WilkinsMarch 5, 2012 at 9:31 pmReplyAuthor

      I must admit, I’ve never heard Obama referred to as a “British puppet” before. I’ve heard him called lots of things, but never that!

  3. BlackHispanicTPartyMarch 7, 2012 at 2:58 amReply

    Yes we want unity, but Obama appears to only say that he wants unity only when Americans face or remember a tragedy. Every policy and every position Obama supports has been destructive to America as a whole. Even today, Americans are in a state of OUTRAGE that our own president is using Al-Qaeda (those who blew up the twin towers) in all of these uprisings in north Africa and the Middle East in order to expand global sharia Law and more instability in the region by connecting with the Muslim brotherhood who now has an OFFICE IN THE WHITEHOUSE!

    Islamic Extremists Infiltrate US Government

    Today, most people are unaware that Obama is now using Al’Qaeda to create all of the Arab Uprisings! Obama is currently working with the muslim brotherhood to expand the growth of Global Islamic Sharia Law. That’s why his arrogant behind is smiling with his nose held high at the remembrance of our soldiers and innocent citizens being killed during and after 911.

    When our president is associated with: violent radical groups such as the SEIU, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers, HAMAS, Hezbollah, gives the Black Panther voter intimidators a pass, refuses to secure our borders at Al’Qaeda walks through our southern borders, the Teamsters union who has vowed to also kill Americans, our own radical vice-president who demanded to arrest of Americans who want to protect the constitution and lower taxes, all the socialist progressives in Congress which are purposely trying to hold Americans economically hostage to Communist China and Socialist Russia so that our dollar collapses in order for communist countries to take America over, a weak complicit liberal media who reports the propaganda from the fake news agencies media matters and think progress from the multi-billionare George Soros as if it was gospel truth, and how Obama celebrates racial division, class warfare, and actively supports and defends islamic Sharia Law (as well as international law), superseding out own US Constitution – EVERYDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEARS HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE, —- it’s no wonder Americans no longer feel the hope nor see the change!

    Young Americans Destroyed & Bankrupt by US Socialists

    Last time we learned that Qaeda deputy leader Zawahiri backs Arab revolts along with our Manchurian President Obama.

    This is very troublesome for Obama and his re-election campaign. So all the killing of Osama Bin Laden did was allow Obama to assume the new leadership role within Al Qaeda’s agenda, while dragging America right into it with our troops.

    So all Obama did was become Osama’s replacement! This proves that this so-called “democracy movement” as the liberal media calls it is actually Americas Trojan Horse to advance the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and the influence of Radical Islam with Obama’s Help!

    Here’s the Proof Below

    “The Unknown Islamic Presidential Puppet”

    • Brett WilkinsMarch 7, 2012 at 7:09 amReplyAuthor

      Because you went to so much trouble to prepare your comment, I will post it. But you, sir, don’t have a clue!

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