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‘Douche du Jour’: Montana Chief Federal Judge Richard Cebull Admits to Sending Racist E-Mail Saying Obama’s Mother Had Sex with Dog

Montana’s chief federal judge has admitted to and apologized for sending a shocking e-mail which claimed President Obama was born as a result of a bestial encounter between his mother and a dog.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull sent an email last week to six people. The malicious missive was titled “A MOM’S MEMORY.”

“Normally I don’t send or forward a lot of these, but even by my standards, it was a bit touching,” Judge Cebull began. “I want all of my friends to feel what I felt when I read this. Hope it touches your heart like it did mine.”

“A little boy said to his mother; ‘Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?'” the email joke continues. “His mother replied, ‘Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!‘”

Judge Cebull has admitted to sending the disgusting email, and while he has apologized and said he “understand[s] while people would be offended,” he explained that the message was meant to remain private. The Bush appointee insists he is not racist.

“It was not intended by me in any way to become public,” Cebull said. “I apologize to anybody who is offended by it, and I can obviously understand why people would be offended.”

“The only reason I can explain it to you is I am not a fan of our president, but this goes beyond not being a fan,” Cebull told the Great Falls Tribune. “I didn’t send it as racist, although that’s what it is. I sent it out because it’s anti-Obama.”

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