Moral Low Ground


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  1. anonymousMarch 31, 2013 at 3:00 pmReply

    the word humanity, should to be use, only for the good people,
    There exist other special word, for bad people, it is called inhumanity, especially to be use, for the bad guys and thieves,
    murderers, rapists, and all sorts of criminals, the Government should not, let to talk in public, to unhuman
    Nor let them say anything to the human, Don’t let thieves to teach for the public, to teach their maths, don’t let to those inhuman criminals, to say that to steal and to thieves, it is so, to keep the human dignity,
    in a same country there are good people and bad people, world wide, in the country of Mexico, there are many peoples government,
    those whom have escaped from prison, for working illegally inside the Mexican government, to govern at the freedom of the life, the Government usually help to good fellow people, to overcome,
    but because they they are human and good fellow people.
    not any help, it does for mad going inhuman people, because those doesn’t like to study the good part of the life, those are evilly, criminal, bad mad going inhuman persons, the Government can’t help to mad, the world wide power from the United Nations,
    they must to be making care plus to support the world, in how the united nations should not to help, tio those countries with a high rate of criminality, those inhuman criminals, must have to work themselves to sustain their very own life, the inhuman countries not nead of any help or support, their self, had say that, for the world wide public, last, smart and final. they are criminal people of
    low instincts, do not believe in God, it is why those thieves must ever to be accused of inhuman, and due to that, for the inhuman
    any body must not let them to permit to work within any Government, or at any Bank, because inhuman are bad and for low instincts,
    the thieves they must not to defend, from the others dignity, those nasty thieves they say, that they feel Cain as well,
    with how they steal, the thieves they say, that living from stolid, has some Cain as dignity. the United Nations and the international police they should investigate the Bank of the Mexico country, ath their employees, because they steal and murder to enrichment, to their self illegally, they have no dignity nor have respect, many say that in Mexico there is a high rate of criminality within
    of the banks, because there are forefinger criminal, those whom are illegally working inside the Bank of Mexico
    and also within the Mexican power.

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