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NATO Airstrike Kills 8 Children, Disabled Adult in Afghanistan’s Kapisa Province

Child victim of an earlier NATO strike… and we wonder why they hate us? (Photo:

A NATO airstrike in Afghanistan’s Kapisa province has killed eight children and a mentally disabled adult.

According to the Daily Times, the attack occurred in the Nejrab district, where four French troops were gunned down by a renegade Afghan soldier last month.

“Based on information by the provincial governor, as a result of an air strike conducted on February 8, eight children were killed,” said a statement from Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s office. Karzai “strongly condemned the aerial bombing by foreign troops that killed a number of children in Nejrab district.”

Karzai has ordered a delegation “to launch an all-out probe into the NATO bombing,” the statement added.

A spokesman for the U.S.-led alliance confirmed that “there has been a situation.”

“A joint assessment team went there to identify the situation.”

The situation had already been identified by Kapisa district police chief Abdul Hamid Erkin, who had video of the dead children.

“Two nights ago, foreign special forces carried out a raid on a house in Geyawa village in Nerjab district,” Erkin told Agence France-Presse.

“The next morning their plane carried out an airstrike on a house in the village as a result of which seven children and one adult were martyred.”

It is not clear why there is a discrepancy between the Afghan government’s death toll and Erkin’s; it is possible that one child died later.

Erkin told AFP that the commander of French troops in the area “claimed that the target was a group of Taliban facilitators, but we checked the area and there were no Taliban.”

“In fact, the people in the area have very strong anti-Taliban feelings,” Erkin continued. “We filmed the victims, who were children, and showed it to the French commanders.”

The dead children ranged in age from seven to 15 years old; a mentally disabled 20-year-old adult was also killed.

This latest deadly attack on Afghan civilians comes the same week as news that civilian casualties have hit an all time high. The majority of these innocent people have been killed by the Taliban and other resistance fighters, but tens of thousands of innocent Afghans have been killed by U.S.-led forces since the war began more than a decade ago.

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