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‘The Moral High Ground’: Noah Lamaide, 12-Year-Old Wisconsin Boy, Saves Grandmother’s House from Foreclosure

A 12-year-old Wisconsin boy has saved his grandmother’s house from foreclosure by raising money to pay her mortgage on a website he created with his mother.

ABC News reports that 72-year-old Janice Sparhawk had fallen behind on the mortgage payments on the Stevens Point home her family has lived in for three generations. The costs of renovating the century-old home combined with the hardship from being unable to work due to complications arising from eye surgery and severe asthma were proving too much for Sparhawk to handle.

But Noah Lamaide, her 12-year-old grandson, stepped in and saved the day with the help of donations from warm-hearted individuals from as far away as California. With the help of his mother, Noah built a website, Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, which is “making a difference one dream at a time.” Noah writes:

My Name is Noah Lamaide. I am 12 yrs old.  Each year I do a community service project in the hopes of helping others in need. I have been blessed with wonderful Family & Friends.   Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.  This is the reason I chose to start Noah’s Dream Catcher Network. I want to help others and make a difference in the world by asking people to reach out and help each other. Thank you for helping me make the world a better Place one dream at a time!

According to ABC News, Noah’s mother Jill Sparhawk Lamaide challenged him to do one community service project each year starting when he was just nine years old. That’s when he started his site. He has organized a picnic for veterans as well as made a gallant yet ultimately unsuccessful  attempt to raise funds to send a family friend dying of cancer to Disneyland with her family.

But when the opportunity to help out one of his own family presented itself, Noah rose to the occasion. He raised $10,500 in just one month to save his grandmother’s house– and just in the nick of time. The home was scheduled to go up for auction on February 15.

“My Grandma incase you don’t know her has a heart of gold. She has given so much to our community since I can remember!!!” Noah wrote on his site. ABC News reports that she has foster parented hundreds of children.

“It means a lot to be here in my house,” she told ABC News. “[Noah] is a special boy.”

Noah promises to keep making a difference in the world.

“It just makes me feel happy,” he told ABC News.

To donate to Noah’s Dream Catcher Network, click here. 

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