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‘Douches du Jour’: Ilyas & Tallat Ashar Allegedly Trafficked Deaf, Mute 10-Year-Old Pakistani Girl, Held as Sex Slave in Manchester Cellar for Nearly 10 Years

An elderly British couple is on trial for allegedly trafficking a deaf and mute young Pakistani girl into the U.K., where they imprisoned her as a sex slave in a basement for nearly a decade.

Mail Online reports that 83-year-old Ilyas Ashar and his 66-year-old wife Tallat are on trial in Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester, charged with false imprisonment, human trafficking, sexual offenses, violence and benefit fraud in connection with the 2000 trafficking of a 10-12 year-old Pakistani girl who cannot hear, speak, read or write anything other than her name so that she could sign government benefit checks.

The girl was raped and forced into servitude, cleaning and working for the Ashars and their family and friends.

The court heard that when the girl displeased her captors, they would lock her in the cellar for hours where she would sit and cry.

“The Crown’s case is she was physically abused. She was sexually abused, which included being raped by Ilyas Ashar,” prosecutor Peter Cadwallader told the jury. “She was exploited economically, in that… state benefits… were obtained in her name, the money being kept by the Ashars. At night the door at the top of the stairs down to the cellar was locked and bolted so she could not get out during the night. There were no washing or toilet facilities in the cellar so that if she needed to use the bathroom during the night she had to bang on the cellar door in the hope that she was heard and the door opened.”

The victim had no family or friends in the UK; her captors allegedly told her that her parents were dead.

The girl was allowed into Britain by immigration officials on the grounds that she would be a domestic worker. This raises the question of how and why the Border Agency cleared her entry. Cadwallader said the agency had “a good deal to answer for.”


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  1. MattFebruary 9, 2012 at 1:47 pmReply

    This is shocking and the people involved including their own daughter should be jailed for a minimum of ten years after which they should be deported and all their assets stripped from them and used to make amends.

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