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‘Douche du Jour’: University of Connecticut Student TV Airs ‘Rape is Funny’ “Comedy” Sketch

Students at the University of Connecticut are up in arms over a decidedly tasteless sketch comedy poking fun at rape  that aired on the school’s student TV station.

The Raw Story reports that student-run and funded UCTV aired the Shenanigans comedy sketch “Rape is Funny” twice, on November 10 and again on January 30.

The video shows a panicked woman trying to escape from a rapist. She desperately tries to phone for help on one of the campus’ blue-light phones only to be called a “stinky bitch” and a “cock gobbler.”

“You dumb blonde bitches don’t understand, always crying about being raped,” a voice on the emergency phone says. “Suck it up.”

Another blue-light phone tells her: “I will fuck you so hard that you will wish you were raped by someone else.”

UCTV has removed the video from its website and apologized for “any frustration or harm this content has caused.”

“We are working towards a more careful screening process, as well as a review of our broadcast policies, that will prevent this situation from occurring again,” a UCTV statement said.

Students are set to meet Wednesday evening to discuss a response to the shocking video, “including a sit-in, a protest and rally, and getting the word out that this is not okay,” according to student activists.

“We as UConn students pay mandatory fees for UCTV to be able to publish this crap,” an event notice on the activists’ Facebook page said. “If you don’t think violence against women is funny or sexy then please join us.”

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