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‘Douche du Jour’: “It Tasted Like an Oyster”– Tyree Lincoln Smith, Accused Cannibal Axe Murderer, Ate Victim’s Brains and Eye

I’ll never be able to eat an oyster again without thinking of Tyree Lincoln Smith.

The 35-year-old Bridgeport, Connecticut man was arrested in Lynn Haven, Florida Tuesday night on suspicion of murder. According to the Huffington Post, Smith was wanted for the murder of 43-year-old Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzalez in Bridgeport. The victim’s rotting corpse was found lying on a mattress inside an abandoned apartment on January 20. The cause of death was ruled as blunt force trauma to the head.

But authorities didn’t need a medical examiner to tell them that. Smith’s arrest warrant claims that the alleged killer confessed his deadly deed to cousin Nicole Rabb. He  allegedly told her that he bludgeoned Gonzalez to death with a hatchet in mid-December after a chance meeting with the total stranger. Smith allegedly told Rabb that he hit his victim with head blows “so severe that he was able to remove an eye from the man’s head along with pieces of brain matter and a piece of his skull.”

After killing Gonzalez, Smith allegedly took the dislodged body parts to a local cemetery where a relative of his is buried.

“At the cemetery he said he ate the eyeball, which tasted like an oyster, and the brain matter,” his arrest warrant claims.

Smith fled Connecticut on January 20, boarding a Greyhound bus bound for Panama City, Florida. He arrived there on January 23. While en route, Rabb heard about the discovery of Gonzalez’s body and alerted authorities.

Police: homicide suspect ate victim’s brain:

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