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‘Douche du Jour’: Texan Larry Dollins Stabs his Puppy “Taz” 11 Times

A Texas man has been arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty after stabbing his puppy 11 times.

KTXS reports that 42-year-old Larry Dollins of Abilene was arrested after neighbor Cheryl Ascol witnessed him stabbing Taz, his 14-week-old puppy, in a fit of rage.

“I said Larry, please stop stabbing that dog” Ascol told KTXS.¬†“I thought the dog was dead because by that time he was just hanging there,” she said.

Thanks to Ascol’s fast action, Taz is still alive today.

“The police brought the dog to my porch, asked me for a towel,” Ascol told KTXS. “And I saw the dog wag its tail.”

Dollins confessed to the stabbing when police arrives and was immediately arrested.

Neighbor and friend Robert Thompson told KTXS that Dollins isn’t a bad person but that he’s changed recently. Thompson believes his friend is addicted to drugs.

“If it wasn’t the dog it would have been a kid or someone else,” he said.

Taz is ¬†recovering from surgery. She’s eating and drinking on her own for the first time since her horrific ordeal on Sunday.

“She’s a beautiful little puppy!” Ascol told KTXS. “She’s a tough little puppy too.”

Taz is currently up for adoption. There is a waiting list, but if you’re interested, you can contact the Abilene Animal Shelter at 325-698-0085.

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