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President Obama Sings Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at Apollo Theater Harlem Fundraiser

President Barack Obama is a man of many talents. From his masterful oratory skills to his deft moves on the basketball court to his uncanny ability to break campaign promises, the leader of the free world is a veritable renaissance man. Well, not really. But after a short but surprisingly sweet performance at the high temple of soul, Obama from now on might just be known as the most musically talented occupant of the White House since sax-saavy Bill Clinton.

Appearing at a New York fundraiser at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater, Obama gave a shout out to legendary R&B singer Al Green, who was in attendance. Then, surprising everyone, the president broke into a bar of Green’s 1971 #1 hit “Let’s Stay Together.”

“I’m… I’m so in love with you,” he sang with sultry skill. Who knew?

The audience of around 1,400 roared its approval. Obama then pointed backstage and said: “Those guys didn’t think I would do it. I told you I was gonna do it.”

“Don’t worry Rev, I cannot sing like you,” he said to Green, “but I just wanted to show my appreciation.”

And Obama’s hoping New Yorkers, and the rest of America, will show him their appreciation by filling his campaign coffers as he seeks a second term. He’s hoping they’ll, um, stay together despite a less than spectacular first term that has left most true progressives scratching their heads at what often has seemed like a third Bush term than the “change” we were promised.

He does not lack for money. According to the New York Times, Obama had raised just short of $100 million through the fall of 2011, compared to about $32 million for GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney. That figure is likely to be much higher by now, and Politico reports that Obama probably raised more than $3 million during his four Manhattan fundraisers.

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