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‘The Moral High Ground’: Atlanta Nurse Allison Batson Donates Kidney to Goodpasture’s Patient Clay Taber

An Atlanta nurse has donated one of her kidneys to a young patient suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder.

MSNBC reports that 48-year-old Allison Batson made the incredibly selfless donation to Clay Taber, a freshly-minted Auburn University grad looking forward to marrying his college sweetheart and pursuing a career in finance. Taber, who is now 23 years old, returned from a vacation and fell ill. Tests revealed he suffered from Goodpasture’s Syndrome, a rare autoimmune ailment that strikes one in a million people and can cause kidney failure.

(Photo: Emory University Hospital)

Taber was placed on the waiting list for a kidney, the last of 90,000 people whose lives depended on them getting a transplant. He was told he would have to wait three to five years. But nurse Batson had an incredible idea– she’d donate one of her own kidneys instead.

“The whole world was his, with the exception of this incredibly rare illness that hit him out of the blue,” Batson said. “Something inside me said I needed to do more.”

“I know this sounds crazy, and it may never happen, but this young man reminds me of one of our kids,” Batson told her husband, according to MSNBC. “To my knowledge, I was healthy enough, and my kids were grown. I’m just kind of an optimistic person.”

Taber says he was “astounded” by Batson’s generosity.

“I went back and gave her a big hug and told her how much it meant to me,” he told MSNBC. “I’ll be honest, I kind of broke down in front of her.”

The transplant operation was performed on January 10. Both Taber and Batson are reportedly doing just fine.

Taber, who will marry his fiancee in June, told MSNB he’s grateful for the new lease on live Batson’s kidney has given him.

“I told [Batson] she’s going to get a special dance at the wedding,” he said. “She can pick out the song.”

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