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‘Douche du Jour’: Texan Cirilo Castillo Busted for Having Sex with Horses

Congratulation to Cirilo Castillo of Edinburg, Texas for being our first horse-fucker of 2012.

According to Mail Online, Castillo was busted by a female horse owner in Hidalgo County whose surveillance camera caught him trespassing in her barn. Recorded footage shows Castillo tying a brown mare to a fence and tying her back legs together in order to avoid getting kicked in the teeth, or perhaps in the nuts, before violating the animal.

Castillo, age 41, was arrested on Tuesday after investigators identified him in the surveillance video. Not only did he confess during a police interview, the perverted perp also admitted to raping another horse in nearby Alberta. A rancher there contacted authorities after catching Castillo having sex with his mares on four separate occasions. That rancher also told investigators that he witnessed Castillo tying up his horses and violating them. He picked the suspect out of a police lineup.

Castillo has been charged with two counts of cruelty to animals and two counts of criminal trespass.

This sort of thing happens more often than you think. Last year, Moral Low Ground brought you numerous twisted tales of zoophile horseplay (and donkey, cat,  dog and even dolphin play too). There was Zimbabwean donkey-fucker Sunday Moyo, who claimed his four-legged victim had shifted shapes from a nightclub hooker. There was Malcolm Brenner, author of Wet Goddesshis semi-autobiographical story of man-dolphin love. In August, Gerardo Martinez, a meth-crazed feline rapist, violated a cat in Iowa before tossing out of a seventh-floor window and killing it. In July, John Robert Mester was arrested in Michigan for having sex with a horse. That was a busy week for bestiality news; Irishman Sean McDonnell was busted for buggery for having his specially-trained dog  have sex with a woman who literally “screwed the pooch”: the poor lass died from a severe allergic reaction.

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