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Über-conservative Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer Admits that “The Rich Have Robbed You”… Sort of

Über-conservative Washington Post columnist and Fox News fixture Charles Krauthammer has admitted on-air that “the rich and the ‘One Percent’ have robbed you”… sort of.

Krauthammer appeared on Fox’s “Special Report with Bret Baier” Wednesday, on which the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist discussed President Obama’s recess appointments of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Richard Cordray and three other individuals to the National Labor Relations Board. Those appointments have stirred up considerable controversy, with Republicans arguing that Obama’s actions violate the Constitution since Congress is not actually in recess because GOP lawmakers hold “pro forma” sessions, short symbolic appearances during which nothing gets done.

Democrats, who are no stranger to “pro forma” cockblockery, have called bullshit, arguing that the Senate is in recess despite the “pro forma” sessions.

The Constitution does not specify what constitutes a recess or how long breaks must last in order for the President to make recess appointments.

Speaking as part of a Fox News panel, Krauthammer called Obama’s actions “cynical.” But he added that “it works.”

He added: “[Obama is] arguing, ‘I’m protecting the little guy against the Republicans who protect… the rich and the ‘One Percent’ and the ones who’ve robbed you.’ It’s a good argument, he wins it, but I think it’s disgraceful.”

While not exactly an outright admission, Krauthammer’s frank concession that the President’s argument is a good one that he wins is close enough to an admission to warrant this post. Did Krauthammer’s tongue slip, or was his intention to point out that Obama is so slick that he can win what the columnist considers to be a disgraceful argument? One can infer that if Obama’s argument is a good, winning one, then there must be more than a little truth to it. There’s nothing disgraceful about that.


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  1. Pogue MahoneJune 15, 2014 at 7:21 amReply

    Republicans moan,
    Republicans bitch,
    “The rich are too poor,
    And the poor are too rich!”

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