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‘Douches du Jour’: Mayra Flores, Ana Mireles & Sandra Ortiz, Pennsylvania Teens, Arrested for Feeding Classmate Human Feces Birthday Cake

Copy-catting a scene from the hit film The Help, three Pennsylvania teens baked human feces into a birthday cake and fed it to a classmate.

This cake tastes like shit…

According to the Daily Mail, Mayra Flores, 19, Ana Mireles, 18, and Sandra Oritz, 18, students at Avon Grove High School in West Grove, Pennsylvania, were arrested and charged with recklessly endangering another person and conspiracy for their disgusting prank. The girls submitted written confessions after their victim, her mother and three siblings all fell sick after eating the cake.

The victims said the cake tasted so bad that they threw it away, but not before indulging in some choice slices. The foul cake reeked something awful after being discarded that the victim brought it back to school and reported it to officials. Testers at the Department of Health discovered E.coli, found in human feces, and notified the victim.

That unfortunate student said she was pressured into eating a piece of the cake in front of the three perpetrators, who admitted to scooping a piece of poop out of a toilet in Ortiz’s home and mixing it into the cake.

The terrible trio has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service and ordered to clean toilets, urinals and bed pans at a nursing home and pick up dog droppings as punishment for their odious offense, the idea for which they seem to have borrowed from the best-selling book and film The Help, in which a maid bakes a pie tainted with her feces and serves it to her former employer as revenge for being fired.


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  1. jimJanuary 12, 2012 at 7:07 pmReply

    Those idiot girls ought to have their heads submerged into an unflushed toilet.

  2. ChristyJanuary 13, 2012 at 8:51 pmReply

    200 hours of community service is insulting. What they did to that family was horrific. I do like the TYPE of service they will be providing, though! Karma stinks, doesn’t it? Sometimes, literally 🙂

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