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Michelina Lewandowska Dug Herself out of Shallow Grave with Engagement Ring after being Buried Alive by Bored Boyfriend Marcin Kasprzak

A Polish immigrant in Britain has been found guilty of attempted murder for shooting his girlfriend with a stun gun and burying her alive in a shallow grave in a cardboard box.

The Telegraph reports that 25-year-old Marcin Kasprzak was convicted by a jury at Leeds Crown Court for attacking Michelina Lewandowska, age 27, with a stun gun in May, tying her up and gagging her, then stuffing her in a cardboard box and burying her in the woods near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Lewandowska saved herself by using her engagement ring to cut herself free and dig her way out of the box and out of the ground to safety.

The jury found that Marcin, who fathered his victim’s three-year-old son Jakub, was bored in his relationship with Lewandowska, also a Polish immigrant, and wanted a way out. He allegedly wanted Jakub all to himself.

Lewandowska says thoughts of Jakub kept her alive during the darkest moments of her horrific ordeal.

“I prayed to God to help me to survive so that I could look after my young son. The thought of my son gave me the strength to fight my way out of the box and save myself,” she said in a statement after the conviction.

“For many years I loved Marcin Kasprzak very much,” she said. “But after his horrific attack upon me my feelings towards him have turned to hatred.”

The incident, which occurred in May, still keeps Lewandowska awake at night.

“I still have nightmares that Marcin will come back to find me and kill me,” she said. “My only hope is that he can accept that what he did to me was very wrong.”

“I really hope that no one will ever experience what I went through on that day in May, at the hands of a man whom I loved and trusted,” she added.

Patryk Borys, Kasprzak’s 18-year-old co-defendant, was found not guilty of attempted murder but has admitted to kidnapping Lewandowska. They will be sentenced on January 13.

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