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‘Douche du Jour’: Cheaters’ Website Ashley Madison Mocks Overweight Women in New Ads

November 8, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Douche du Jour, Morality, Sex with 3 Comments

It’s not like a website for married people trolling for affairs should be expected to present itself with a modicum of decency. But new ads from Ashley Madison, a “married dating service for discreet encounters,” have elevated lowered the company’s reputation to a whole new level of douchedom.

According to Jezebel, the dating site for cheaters ran a Halloween-themed ad in the New York Metro last week. It depicted an obese woman in lingerie lying in a sexually suggestive pose with the caption “Did your wife SCARE you last night?” The message is as sleazy as it is clear: your wife is too fat to fuck; cheat on her via Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman doesn’t see anything wrong with either his dating service for douchebags or his frighteningly insensitive ad. Bidman calls Ashley Madison a “marriage saver,” telling Bloomberg BusinessWeek that:

If I woke up and found my partner wasn’t interested in being with me sexually and I tried to do everything I could but sex was now off her radar…Well, sex is important in my marriage — it is — but it’s not No. 1 and it’s not No. 2. So I would stray before I would just leave, because maybe that would give me enough of what I need to stay within my marriage to do all the other things that are critical to me.

Biderman also defended the mocking ad, telling BusinessWeek that “you can build a profile right now of an unattractive woman, overweight, whatever, she’ll still have a dozen men interested in meeting her.”

But Jacqueline, the plus-size model in the ad and the woman behind, a site devoted to men who love BBWs (that’s big, beautiful women to the uninitiated), slammed Ashley Madison’s shameful message. “I am mortified that my image and likeness would be used as advertisement for two things I am so vehemently against: namely cheating and, to an even greater extent, body shaming,” she wrote on Jezebel.  “I find the very idea that there exists a business based solely around the facilitation of infidelity appalling. The fact that they are now suggesting that a person’s partner not fitting their ideal body size/shape, entitles that person to ‘shop around’ is disgusting.”

She continues:

It’s bad enough that a business exists that encourages and profits from cheaters, but, worse still, that they have the gall to blame a woman’s body on the act, rather than the man who is incapable of commitment and loyalty. It exists in the same school of thought in which a rapist blames a woman’s outfit for his crime.

I am a size 32. I am beautiful. I think women of all sizes are beautiful. Beauty is not and has never been one-size-fits-all. I do not appreciate my image being used, without notice or permission, to tell women I have never met otherwise.
Ashley Madison’s response? CEO Biderman sent this shocking retort to Jezebel:
The best thing that could’ve happened to this woman is that we used her in our ad. Despite what she may want you to think, she is reaping the press for her own pornography website. She took these pictures and signed the release knowing that they were not just for ‘personal use.’ However, if she can get great publicity from this, all the power to her.
And, incredibly, Ashley Madison doubled-douched down by releasing this ad:


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  1. DaliaNovember 9, 2011 at 3:57 pmReply

    Great article!!! Thank you Brett for writing it!

  2. HollyNovember 11, 2011 at 8:20 amReply

    I never thought I’d say it… the porn star has a point. Cheaters do not cheat because of their spouses appearance or behavior. They cheat because they want to, and then make excuses to themselves and others about why. The “dating site” CEO and the ad agency are slime.

  3. WakakoNovember 11, 2011 at 10:29 amReply

    He doubled-douched it after he douched it. I like this quote: “I am mortified that my image and likeness would be used as advertisement for two things I am so vehemently against: namely cheating and, to an even greater extent, body shaming,”

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