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‘Douche du Jour’: Robert Finn, Catholic Bishop of Kansas City, Charged for Concealing Priest’s Child Pornography from Police

The Catholic Bishop of Kansas City has been charged with failing to report images of child pornography found on a priest’s computer to police.

The Associated Press reports that Robert Finn is now the first American bishop criminally charged with protecting a pedophile clergyman. Finn has admitted to knowing for five months about hundreds of child pornography images found on Rev. Shawn Ratigan’s computer but failing to inform police about the crime. He wasn’t the only one– other diocese officials were aware of the sickening crime as well but hid it from authorities.

Finn: Pedophile protector.

Finn, along with the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese, have been charged with one count of failing to report suspected child abuse. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Shockingly, the charge against Finn is only a misdemeanor. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker sought to downplay the significance of the seemingly light nature of the charge. The fact that Finn is only being charged with a misdemeanor “should not diminish the seriousness” of the accusation, she told the AP. “Now that the grand jury investigation has resulted in this indictment, my office will pursue this case vigorously because it is about protecting children. I want to ensure there are no future failures to report resulting in other unsuspecting victims,” she added.

Finn has denied doing anything wrong. The bishop says he is working on improving his diocese’s reporting policies, but said nothing about stopping child-raping or pedophile clergymen.

The bishop has admitted that St. Patrick’s School principal Julie Hess warned him more than a year ago that Rev. Ratigan was behaving inappropriately around children, taking suggestive photos of them and allowing them to sit on his lap and fish for candy in his pants. Monsignor Robert Murphy, the vicar general of the diocese, then had a chat with Ratigan about what is and isn’t appropriate behavior towards children.

Seven months after that, a computer technician found hundreds of pornographic images of children, including a series of photos of a female toddler with her genitals exposed.

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One Comment

  1. Mike MOctober 16, 2011 at 1:59 amReply

    This is minor shit. Poor Bishop Ray Lahey is sitting in a Canadian jail waiting to be sentenced for possession of kiddie porn that he got on his vacation in Thailand. He’s only guilty of possession. Never got the chance to distribute it to his fellow clergy.

    A slap on the wrist for the good Bishop Finn. A half dozen people on the diocese payroll played musical chairs with a shit load of kiddie porn from a perv priest and probably broke the law by not reporting it. Whether they all took it home to view it for their own personal pleasure is another story. Bishop Finn is probably innocent. The only likely crime the good bishop is probably guilty of is jerking off in the front office while all his stooges broke the law in the back office. What’s different between him and every other crook CEO in America?

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