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‘Douches du Jour’: Rosemary Chakwizira, Sophie Nhokwara & Netsai Nhokwara Arrested in Bizarre Zimbabwe ‘Rape Ritual’ Case

Three Zimbabwean women and one man have been arrested in connection with a bizarre string of ritualistic sex attacks on male hitchhikers who may have been targeted for the “magical properties” contained within their semen.

Sophie Nhokwara's Facebook page

According to New ZimbabweRosemary Chakwizira, 24, Sophie Nhokwara, 26, and Netsai Nhokwara, 24, all from Mkoba 4, Gweru, were arrested along with an unnamed male. The group is believed to be behind more than a dozen rapes, mainly in the Midlands and Masvingo provinces. Additional attacks reported in the capital Harare and Mashonland West may also be attributable to the group.

The breakthrough in the case came after the boyfriend of one of the women ran over and killed a pedestrian in the car the women used to pick up their victims. The women rushed to the scene and made a very strange request: “They wanted the officers to allow them to collect a stash of used condoms which were located in the boot of the vehicle,” an officer told New Zimbabwe. Thirty-one used condoms, to be exact. This immediately aroused officers’ suspicion.

According to New Zimbabwe, the group typically offered rides to male hitchhikers along Zimbabwe’s main highways. The unsuspecting victims were then drugged, sometimes with a cloth covered in a “mystery substance,” other times by injection, before being driven to dark spots or safe houses where the attacks occurred. The victims were forced to have sex with the women. Sometimes the sex was unprotected, other times condoms were used. It was in those instances that the women kept their strange ‘trophies.’

The victims were then typically robbed before being dumped on roadsides.

On suspect Sophie Nhokwara’s Facebook page, she lists “driving around” under activities. She also writes: After a while you learn the difference between holding a hand and falling in love. You begin to learn that kisses don’t always mean something. Promises can be broken just as quickly as they are made and goodbyes really are forever.

Last October, police chief Augustine Chihuri addressed the then-unknown perpetrators: “Let me warn all social miscreants who are soiling the country’s social fabric, cultural norms and values by perpetrating abominable and weird activities of women sexually molesting men, sometimes at gunpoint, to stop the practices forthwith.”

Consider them stopped.

But that’s not the end of the story. New Zimbabwe reports that dozens of angry people stormed the police station where the alleged rapists are being held, looking for some good old-fashioned street justice.

“People should be given a chance to see these people. We want to know what they were doing with the semen,” local resident Nkululeko Ndlovu told New Zimbabwe outside the Gweru Central Police Station.

As for their side of the story, the three women say that they are “just hookers” who were too busy to dispose of the 31 condoms. That wouldn’t explain why they rushed to the scene of the fatal accident to retrieve the used prophylactics, though.

Police suspect the attacks may be the work of what New Zimbabwe calls a “twisted sperm-harvesting syndicate.” According to one sociology professor at the University of Zimbabwe, “people believe that sperms can make someone’s luck improve.” The Daily News reports that semen is “selling like hot cakes” in next-door South Africa, with a condom-load of the sticky stuff going for a sweet $400.

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  1. kaycyphaOctober 17, 2011 at 1:02 amReply

    voodoo juss got a facelift!!

  2. luketahOctober 17, 2011 at 5:33 amReply

    They should be sentenced to 7 years in prison with male inmates ndokuti vapedze shungu dzavo.

  3. Emmanuel Buffy RobinsonOctober 17, 2011 at 5:37 amReply

    Very Obvious that they were meant for ritual purposes.

  4. NokmonOctober 17, 2011 at 9:11 pmReply

    Hey, if semen’s selling for $400, I got PLENTY to sell!

  5. tk muzoOctober 17, 2011 at 11:14 pmReply

    shld b jailed 4 at least 10yrs n half of th sentence shld b with male inmates.

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