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Aldo Bianchini Rips Out His Own Eyes During Italian Church Service

October 3, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Europe, Religion with 0 Comments

An Italian man committed a horrific, eye-popping act of self-mutilation during a church service in northern Italy yesterday.

(Photo: Sam Bald)

According to the Daily Mail, 46-year-old Aldo Bianchini of Viareggio, just north of Pisa in Tuscany, stood up and gouged out his own eyes with his bare hands during yesterday’s Sunday service at Sant’Andrea Church. Bianchini then collapsed in a pool of his own blood. The parishioners, including Bianchini’s mother, watched in horror as the gruesome scene played out in front of them.

Father Lorenzo Tanganelli gave this account to the Corriere Fiorentino, a local paper:

“This man at the back of the nave started tearing at his face and I realized he was gouging out his eyes. I called for assistance and the paramedics were quickly at the scene, and he was taken away and then I carried on celebrating Mass, but a lot of people had left because they were so shocked by what they had seen.”

Bianchini was rushed to the hospital where, despite several hours of surgery, doctors were unable to save his vision. According to the Daily Mail, doctors there said that Bianchini “heard voices” telling him to tear out his eyes. “In all my 26 years of service I have never seen anything like this before,” Dr. Gino Barbacci is quoted in the Daily Mail. “He was in a great deal of agony and he was covered in blood. He said that he had used his bare hands to gouge out his eye balls after hearing voices telling him to do so – to do something like that requires super human strength. We tried to operate and save his sight by reinserting the eye balls in both sockets but there was nothing we could do and he will now remain blind.”

The Daily Mail points out that the Bible commands sinners to gouge out their eyes, but only one:

“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away,” Jesus counsels his disciples in the Gospel of St. Matthew. Perhaps Aldo Bianchini got a little carried away…

According to a Huffington Post translation of the Corriere Fiorentino. Bianchini, who studied chemistry and speaks five languages, is unemployed and lives with his mother in Viareggio.

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