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‘Douche du Jour’: Li Hao Kept Six Sex Slaves in Chinese Rape/Torture/Murder Dungeon

A Chinese man has been arrested for keeping sex slaves in a torture dungeon where he killed at least two women and forced others to act in pornographic videos that he sold over the internet.

According to the New York Post, 34-year-old Li Hao imprisoned six sex slaves in a squalid makeshift dungeon beneath a storeroom he rented in Luoyang, Henan Province. Li reportedly recruited his victims from local karaoke bars. Once captive, he subjected them to horrific sexual and psychological torture, repeatedly raping them and forcing them to perform in pornographic videos he then sold online.

Li, a former firefighter and married father of one child, kept his prisoners hidden from the world.  The dungeon was accessible only via a narrow tunnel and was sealed off with heavy iron doors. It is believed that it took Li a year to dig out his clandestine chamber of horrors. His wife and son were completely unaware of his dark secret.

According to the Associated Press, Li kept some of the women enslaved for as long as two years. He reportedly fed them only once every two days in order to keep them physically weak and easy to control. In addition to making pornographic videos, they were forced to put on sex shows and have sex with men to earn money for Li. This was the only time they were allowed out of the dungeon; during one such outing, one of the women escaped and notified police.

In addition to the six slaves, the remains of two women believed to have been murdered by Li were also found in the foul-smelling basement. The AP reports that some of the captives began competing for Li’s attention, with two of them eventually fighting over him. Li then allegedly enlisted the help of one of the women to kill the other. Another woman was allegedly murdered because she was not obeying Li’s orders.

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