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‘Wet Goddess’: Malcolm Brenner’s Semi-Autobiographical Story of Man – Dolphin Sex & Love

September 23, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Animal Kingdom, Morality, Sex with 1 Comment

A book by a man who claims he once had a romantic and sexual relationship with a dolphin is making waves.

Wet Goddess by Malcolm Brenner is the semi-autobiographical story of a young man in Florida during the heydey of the counterculture movement who becomes intimately involved with a dolphin pent up in an amusement park.

In real life, Brenner says he he had a nine-month sexual relationship with a dolphin named Dolly (renamed Ruby in Wet Goddess) in 1970, while attending the New College of Florida in Sarasota in his early 20s. Brenner insists that Dolly initiated the relationship. “She was in isolation– she’d be using me to satisfy her sexual needs,” he told NZ3 in New Zealand.

“She became more and more aggressive,” he told the Huffington Post. “She would thrust herself against me.” He says that at first, he rebuffed Dolly’s advanced, but to no avail. Eventually she grew more gentle. “I found that extraordinarily erotic,” he told the Huffington Post. “It’s like being with a tiger or a bear. This is an animal that could kill you in two seconds if it wanted to.”

But Dolly did not kill him. Brenner described intimate details of his sexual relationship with Dolly to NZ3: “She began raking her teeth lightly against my arms and legs, which was indescribably erotic,” he said.

Brenner’s own site goes into even more graphic detail:

While mating, the female holds the male with her flippers tucked in behind his. She pushes, supplies thrust and controls depth of the male’s penetration and timing of the act with her rhythmic thrusts. […] Definitely one of the most liberated females in the animal kingdom!

An excerpt from Wet Goddess, via Gawker, in which Ruby the dolphin is trying to have sex with the protagonist even though his girlfriend is watching from the beach:

She rolled in my arms, bringing her head up and pushing us farther out, so my feet came off the bottom. A second later, I felt her genital slit pressing the waffled soles of my sneakers. But her efforts seemed half-hearted compared to her usual flagrance, as if she found the audience inhibiting.

Cut that out! I thought.

Ruby was gentle and circumspect, but she wouldn’t stop. She stared blankly, pretending she couldn’t receive me, trying to convince me that human-dolphin telepathy was a stupid fantasy I’d dreamed up while getting stoned one night.

If I had been an observer instead of a participant, trying to stop a horny dolphin from rubbing off on my shoes while my girlfriend watched, I would have burst out laughing. On the shore was Elaine, who professed to like me but wasn’t about to let me so much as cop a feel, while out here was Ruby, who would happily screw my brains out but happened to be the wrong species.

The wrong species indeed! Although, Brenner insists his relationship with Dolly was not exploitative since dolphins are so intelligent and mobile in the water that they “basically have free will.” As proof of the mutual nature of their attraction, he told the Huffington Post:

Malcolm and Dolly in their Summer of Love.

“After we made love, the dolphin put her snout on my shoulder, embraced me with her flippers and we stared into each others’ eyes for about a minute.”

“This was not some dog trying to hump my leg, okay,” he asserted. “This was a 400-pound wild-born female dolphin.”

Brenner cautions anyone seeking a romantic relationship with a dolphin: “You have to plan an exit strategy,” he told NZ3. After he and Dolly were separated, she died shortly thereafter from what he believes was a broken heart.

“As self-aware mammals, dolphins are capable of making profound emotional attachments to other dolphins and, apparently, to selected humans as well,” he told the Huffington Post. “A dolphin can die of loneliness, of a broken heart, of separation anxiety.”

At the time, Brenner was not breaking any laws by carrying on a sexual relationship with Dolly. Bestiality has only been illegal in Florida since earlier this year. Brenner says his two ex-wives knew all about his affair with the animal and approved. His daughter even designed the cover of Wet Goddess.

So far, Brenner has sold less than 300 copies of his book, which is available on He told the Huffington Post that he wrote it “for dolphins because we are mistreating these animals by keeping them in captivity. We should be attempting to communicate with them and treating them with more respect and dignity.”

The author told NZ3 that he is trying to get Wet Goddess published in Japan, “where it would not encounter the same kind of sexual taboos it does here in the United States.” He says he hopes it might influence the debate in Japan about the slaughter of dolphins for human consumption in places like Taiji, as gruesomely portrayed in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove. 

As for whether he would ever have another romantic relationship with a dolphin, Brenner told the Huffington Post that “under the right circumstances I would if I had the energy for it. I’m 40 years older now.”

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One Comment

  1. Insomniac GrrrlAugust 28, 2016 at 3:49 pmReply

    Yikes. Glad someone else sees the absurdity in this.

    What’s really disturbing is the large number of people who think inter-species sex is perfectly moral and will argue such ’til they’re blue in the face. You can find them on Youtube, Vice and anywhere else this story is being shared.

    “But dolphins are sexual creatures!”

    “You eat animals, so what’s the big deal?”

    “She clearly wanted it.”

    These are the same justification rapists & child molesters use. This guy raped a dolphin in captivity multiple times, and then she killed herself. What part of that is okay? Makes me want to vomit.

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