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Fox News Includes Racist Hate Group in Republican Presidential Debate

According to The Raw Story, nearly 20,000 questions from the American public were submitted to Fox News for last night’s Republican presidential debate. Almost twenty thousand submissions, and Fox chose the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) to ask the first question regarding immigration.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which designates hate groups, says FAIR will be included on its list of such organizations early next year. FAIR has been controversial for years, but when group officials sat down with a the banned Belgian racist group Vlaams Belang to seek its advice on immigration officials, SPLC leaders decided they’d gone too far. Also, according to the SPLC:

The founder, chief ideologue and long-time funder of FAIR is a racist. Key staff members have ties to white supremacist groups, some are members, and some have spoken at hate group functions. FAIR has accepted more than $1 million from a racist foundation devoted to studies of race and IQ, and to eugenics — the pseudo-science of breeding a better human race that was utterly discredited by the Nazi euthanasia program. It spreads racist conspiracy theories. Its political ads have caused numerous politicians, Democratic and Republican, to denounce it.

But none of this stopped Fox News from including FAIR in last night’s debate. Perhaps that should come as no surprise; after all, none of the Republican presidential candidates or Fox News debate hosts uttered a peep of protest after audience members booed gay U.S. Army soldier Stephen Hill, who is serving in Iraq but is apparently unfit to serve because of who he sleeps with according to conservative homophobes.



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