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Loyal Dog “Hawkeye” Refuses to Leave Fallen Navy SEAL Jon Tumlinson’s Casket

Navy SEAL Jon Tumlinson was one of 30 U.S. troops killed earlier this month when the Chinook helicopter they were traveling in was shot down by Taliban fighters. It was the largest single loss of American life in the ten-year Afghanistan war.

In addition to the human friends and family Jon left behind, there was someone else who mourned his untimely passing.

Hawkeye, Jon’s faithful four-legged family member, could’t express himself in words or even shed a tear for his loss. But the dog demonstrated his undying loyalty and affection for his master by lying beside his casket at his Rockford, Iowa funeral and remaining as close as he could for as long as he could.

Lisa Pendleton, Jon’s cousin, captured this heartbreaking image of Hawkeye lying mournfully on the floor next to Jon’s flag-draped casket.

“I felt compelled to take one photo to share with family members that couldn’t make it or couldn’t see what I could from the aisle,” she wrote on Facebook.

This time-lapsed video shows Hawkeye remaining by Jon’s side through the funeral service:

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  1. LeannAugust 25, 2011 at 7:19 pmReply

    It’s amazing how loyal an animal can be. People down animals saying they’re dum and that they do not know anything but I disagree. They are amazing creatures! I am sincerely sorry for what happened to Jon. There’s not enough gratitude and thanks we can give for what he did for this country. He has my upmost respect. Take care!!

  2. OksanaAugust 26, 2011 at 2:10 pmReply

    This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. It’s heartbreaking.

  3. Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Lao Pan's Grave; Doesn't Eat for a Week | Moral Low GroundNovember 23, 2011 at 11:09 amReply

    […] recently, Hawkeye, whose owner John Tumlinson was a U.S.  Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan, refused to leave his master’s casket after his […]

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