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‘Douche du Jour’: Florida Cop Demetrius Lamar Condry & School Bus Monitor Paul Rosoan Aaron Arrested in Child Prostitution Bust

A school bus monitor and a police officer have been arrested in connection with a Florida child prostitution ring, the Huffington Post reports.

Police in Polk County arrested 27-year-old school bus monitor Paul Rosoan Aaron for forcing two teenage girls into sexual servitude. One of the victims was “recruited” while Aaron was on the job.

Aaron ran the prostitution ring out of his Haines City home under the name Genuine Quality Entertainment.

One of his clients was 25-year-old Haines City police officer Demetrius Lamar Condry, who was also arrested. Condry allegedly frequented Aaron’s brothel in uniform, receiving free oral sex from a 15-year-old child in exchange for protection from busts. Other clients reportedly paid between $60 and $100 for similar services.

The girl told police she “felt like a sex slave” for the seven months that she was forced to service clients at Aaron’s brothel.

A second girl, aged 16, told the court that she was recruited by Aaron, who discovered she worked at a strip club in nearby Plant City. Aaron promised her better work but once she arrived at his brothel, he noted her social security number and other information and threatened to have her arrested if she ever tried to leave.

Aaron has been charged with bribery of a law enforcement officers, two counts of procuring a minor for prostitution and two counts of sex trafficking. Condry was charged with sexual battery by a law enforcement officer, lewd battery and official misconduct.

“It’s disappointing,” Haines City Police Chief Richard Sloan told the Huffington Post. “We do great background and go to a lot of trouble to try to hire the best people, but every now and again you still get a bad egg.”

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