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VIDEO: A Five-Year Old’s Reaction to a Gay Married Couple

July 12, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in LGBT with 0 Comments

Right-wing reactionaries are scared stiff of just the sort of thing you’re about to see… a young child being exposed to a married same-sex couple for the first time in his life. And just as any reasonable person would suspect, the kid quickly overcomes his confusion and accepts what he learns, then moves on with his life and  invites the men to play ping pong with him.

“Wives are girls, husbands are boys,” the five-year-old, whom the video identifies only as Calen, matter-of-factly begins. “Right. We’re both husbands,” one of the men replies. “You’re both husbands?” the child asks with a hint of confusion, “You married each other? That’s funny! I usually see husbands and wives.  “But this is the first time I’ve seen husbands and husbands. How funny. So, that means you love each other? Yeah. You’re much alike — you’re much alike. Okay I’m going to play ping-pong now. You can play if you want to.”

You see, kids aren’t born knowing how to hate those who are different from them. They’re taught that by their parents and by the world around them, by TV, by fundamentalist churches and mosques, and by other kids whose parents instill discrimination in their little hearts. While curiosity and even fear may be healthy and natural childhood reactions to the unknown, hatred is the product of willful and malicious indoctrination by those who ought to know better.

Let the adorable little boy in this video be a lesson to parents everywhere. When raised with love, acceptance and yes, exposure to the glorious diversity that makes the world the wonderful place it can be, children won’t be corrupted or traumatized. You’ll be doing your part to hammer a nail in the coffin of ignorance, bigotry hatred and discrimination, those persistent pestilences that scar our nation’s soul and stagnate the process of human evolution.

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