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Quartzsite, Arizona Mayor Ed Foster Says Town Under Martial Law After State of Emergency Declared in Secret Meeting

Martial law in America? That’s the claim being made by Ed Foster, mayor of the town of Quartzsite, Arizona after a secret meeting in which the town council reportedly secretly voted 5-0 to declare a state of emergency.

Illegally arrested for exercising her First Amendment Rights… (Photo: Desert Freedom Press)

According to the Arizona Independent, local reporter Jennifer Jones, who owns and runs the Desert Freedom Press newspaper, attended a council meeting on June 28. When it came time for the “call to the public” portion of the meeting, Mayor Foster, who presided over the meeting, yielded the microphone to Jones. But Jones, who is 45, has a history of speaking uncomfortable truth to power, barely began speaking when some council members ordered police to arrest her. Despite protestations from Jones and Mayor Foster that she had done nothing wrong, she was unceremoniously hauled off in handcuffs, in blatant violation of her First Amendment rights.

It’s not the first time that Jones has been arrested. Since starting the Desert Freedom Press, she’s been arrested four times on 12 separate charges. During one of those arrests, police brutality resulted in her hospitalization and the use of a sling. Incredibly, when Mayor Foster once attempted to prevent her arrest he, too, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Jones’ multiple arrests could have something to do with the fact that she has exposed corruption among the town council and police chief Jeff Gilbert.

What’s on earth is going on down in Quartzsite?

Much of the problem has to do with the town’s police. According to the Arizona Republic, Mayor Foster has called Chief Gilbert “a thug.” Just last month, 10 members of the Quartzsite Police Department issued a vote of no confidence in Chief Gilbert as a result of ethical and legal violations. And despite town policy that mandates administrative leave for officers under investigation (which Gilbert is), council members have refused to place him on leave.

Now comes an escalation to what Jones is calling martial law. According to the Desert Freedom Press and the Activist Post, Quartzsite Police Sergeant Xavier Fausto, dressed in full tactical gear, demanded that Mayor Foster get in a car and attend a secret council meeting. Foster refused and instead drove himself to the meeting, where he declared it was an illegal gathering and was locked out.

“About noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, it appears they declared an official state of emergency,” Jones wrote. The reporter says she fears for her safety. “They’ve got their tactical gear on, the police chief and his sergeant,” she told World Net Daily. “I don’t know what that means. I need to get the word out in case they come here. I am very concerned for my safety.”

Mayor Foster also calls the situation in Quartzsite “martial law,” but Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell says the term “does not accurately characterize the action.”

I’ll ask once more: what on earth is going on down in Quartzsite?

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  1. reenieJuly 12, 2011 at 9:49 amReply

    Following this corruption all the way down in Mexico.

    You go Mayer Foster……..get rid of that corrupt Police Chief ……..who does he think he is anyway.

    Come Quartzsite don’t just stit there and take the corruption. This is America Damn it ……..take you town back and tell the corrupt b@#S%RDs that you don’t want any part of them.

  2. jkJuly 12, 2011 at 8:51 pmReply

    Expose the corruption.
    Prosecute the criminal politicians & police.
    Hold all politicians accountable on threat of criminal prosecution.

    Quartzsite may go down in history as the spark that started the 2nd North American Revolution.

    We need to identify the Fraudsters and make judicial examples of them!

    Go MAYOR Go!

  3. BradJuly 14, 2011 at 1:27 pmReply

    From Reddit

    I’m contacting the Arizona Governor’s office and FBI about this right now as well, hopefully if we get enough attention drawn to it something can be done.
    edit – Offices are about to open. If you have a minute or two, call, fax or stop by and express your concern about the situation and particularly the upcoming council meeting. Its a long shot, but the governor could call in the national guard to ensure the police are kept in check.
    Governor’s Office 1700 West Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85007 Telephone: (602) 542-4331 Fax (602) 542-1381
    Arizona FBI – Yuma Branch 775 East 39th St. Yuma, AZ 85364 Phone (928) 344-3050 Fax (928) 314-9679
    Arizona Attorney General Phoenix Office 1275 West Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926 Phone (602) 542-5025 Fax (602) 542-4085
    *Spoke with a very polite representative of the governor, who said the governor does not have the authority to directly take action in this situation, BUT confirmed that she does have the authority to dispatch the national guard to maintain order in a state of emergency. I formally requested that this be done and I encourage everyone interested to do the same, especially in light of the upcoming council meeting tonight. There is the potential for more illegal action and assault on behalf of the police chief and other corrupt officials.
    *The Governors office transferred me to the attorney general’s office. I spoke with ‘Pat’, a very flustered and dismissive sounding representative of the Attorney General. He told me NOTHING could be done until a complaint form is filled out online. This form can be found here: I’d encourage anyone interested to fill it out and fax it directly to the attorney general’s office at this fax number: (602) 542-4085.
    *Waiting on a call back from a local FBI agent, will update when I hear back.
    *The majority of the local police have issued an official letter condemning their police chief’s illegal actions, which can be found here. It may be useful to send this letter to the above offices to bring further attention to the severity of the situation. It can be found here:
    UPDATE 2:
    Just got off of the phone with a FBI field agent in Arizona. His office was previously unaware of the situation but are actively investigating it (mentioned reading the articles online, watching the video, etc.) I directed him to the PDF released by the police and he read it while we were on the phone. He was extremely polite and very interested in taking action in the situation. He also mentioned that other agents were being made aware of the situation to coordinate a response. I’ll update again if I hear anything back.
    UPDATE 3:
    Contacted CNN via this form –
    NBC Universal (thanks flux88mph!) – “212-664-4444 ask for the news desk”
    CNN (thanks flux88mph!) – “404-827-1500 ask for the news desk”
    Also, here are the local news agencies for the area (mostly based out of nearby Yuma, AZ)
    KYMA (MSNBC Affiliate) News Desk/Story Ideas
    Phone: (928) 782-4944
    Fax: (928) 782-5229
    KSWT Main Phone: (928) 782-5113 Main Fax: (928) 783-0866 Newsroom: (928) 783-1300 E-mail:
    KECY (Fox Affiliate) Phone: 1-888-320-2803
    I’d encourage everyone to call these agencies and express interest in this story. Let them know that the Governors Office, the FBI, and the Attorney General are aware of the incidents and are investigating. Please post any additional news agency contact info that you know of that might help!

  4. dreamseeerAugust 23, 2011 at 8:37 pmReply

    What the hell is wrong with you people in Quartzsite? Are you all such a bunch of weaklings that you allow this insanity to go on where you live. Why can’t you all band together and overthrow these controllers. Are you so spineless and gutless that you are ready to roll over and lay down and become a door mat for any body, any group or any controlling authority to just dictate to you what is going to be?

    I just want to come down there and just rattle some cages and shake up the whole place and smack a few heads.

    Now why can’t you do it?

    Are you all under such a trance, such hypnosis and such mind control that you are unable to resist because that is what it has come down to.

    Throw out all the bums.

    Take over the city and the counsel.
    Throw off the shackles of corrupt LEO’s.

    Rise up and stop this insanity because if you don’t it may spread exponentially out from your area.

    What is wrong with you people???????????

    Wake up and get up and do something to stop this insanity.

    I have been following this since it happened.

    My GOD have you all become such weaklings, so dysfunctional, so helpless, so old or so frail that you don’t know that you don’t have to take this and it is YOU………all of YOU that CAN put a stop to this. Where is your mind……out in lala-land somewhere cause if it was in the real world you would realize that this either stops there with all of you or it goes everywhere.

    GAWD I just want to come down there and raise some pure unadulterated HELL……why can’t you all?

    Are you all so scared, so intimidated, such cowards and so weak that you cannot even save yourselves but need others to come to your rescue….

    If I had the money to come down there I would surely raise my voice and be heard all over hells-half-acre.

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