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Hitler Ordered Nazis to Make Sex Dolls to Protect Occupying Troops from French ‘Whores’

Adolf Hitler ordered the Nazis to develop and produce sex dolls for use by syphilis-ravaged troops occupying France during World War II, the Daily Mail reports.

Syphilis had long plagued the German military, with an estimated 10% of troops suffering from the disease in WWI and infections continuing through the Second World War.

In an attempt to thwart the nasty disease, the Third Reich turned to sex doll development.

Called gynoids, the smaller-than-life-sized dolls were made of silicone and tested out in occupied Jersey.

At first, Hungarian actress Kathe von Nagy was asked to be the model for the gynoids but she refused and instead an Aryan looking faux-girl was created.

SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who was particularly concerned about the spread of syphilis among the ranks, wrote:

The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrollable presence of whores, picking up clients in bars, dance halls and other places. It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health just for the sake of a quick adventure.

To that end, the dolls were employed on a limited scale, but Himmler later changed his mind and the plan, known as the ‘Borghild Project,’ was scrapped. The remaining dolls were destroyed in the ferocious allied bombing of Dresden.

Author Graeme McDonald discovered the story of the Nazi sex dolls while researching the history of the Barbie doll, which was based on a 1950s German sex doll. His book, Mussolini’s Barber, is described by the Daily Mail as “a compilation of bizarre stories connected with the biggest events of history.”

Hitler and Himmler inspect Nazi troops, some of whom were statistically likely to have been infected with syphilis.

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