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David Britto, Florida ‘Cop of the Year’, Arrested for Selling Drugs

Boynton Beach, Florida police officer David Britto was by most accounts a super cop. The former Marine and devout Christian helped nab a shooting suspect and saved the life of a drowning two-year-old girl. For these feats and more, Britto was named the 2010 Boynton Beach Police Officer of the Year. But according to the Sun-Sentinel, super-cop Britto, known for his “uncanny knack” for sniffing out drug dealers, was arrested last week on charges of… you guessed it, dealing drugs.

The 28-year-old officer was allegedly dealing methamphetamine. Federal narcotics agents busted him for conspiring to possess and sell 500 grams of meth. Britto is alleged to have conspired with known drug traffickers Rafael Guedes and Marlon Mayoli; a search of a Mercedes-Benz used by the dealers turned up a large amount of cash, drugs and a .38 caliber handgun.

Guedes and Mayoli have already pled guilty to conspiring to possess methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

As for Britto, he is currently locked up in the Federal Detention Center in Miami. If convicted, he could face up to life behind bars.

Despite his “Officer of the Year” accolades, this isn’t the first time that Britto has been in trouble. He was suspended in 2006 for cursing out a driver he pulled over and omitting important information from his report on the incident. In 2009 he drove a friend home who had assaulted a taxi driver, protecting him from arrest. Police found drugs and a police-issued meth testing kit in the friend’s house.

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