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NATO Air Strike Kills 14 Afghan Civilians, including 8 Children, in Khost Province

A NATO air strike in the eastern Afghan province of Khost has killed at least 14 innocent civilians, including 8 children.

According to al-Jazeera, the deadly attack came just a day after two children were killed in a separate NATO air strike in southwest Ghazni province. Hundreds of angry Afghans marched in protest against that attack, carrying the little bodies of the dead children to the provincial capital while chanting anti-occupation slogans.

Child victims of an earlier NATO air strike. (Photo: RAWA)

The latest slaughter of innocent civilians prompted a rare apology from General David Petraeus, commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama has also expressed “deep regret” over the killings.

But “deep regret” won’t bring back the thousands of innocent civilians killed by US-led occupation forces in Afghanistan, and Afghan President Hamid Karzai is infuriated with what can only be described as a callous disregard for innocent life by the invaders.

It’s been a particularly bad year for NATO-caused civilian deaths in the war-torn country. In May, a NATO air strike killed 14 civilians, including 11 children, in Helmand province. That attack came just days after NATO forces mistakenly massacred 18 civilians and 20 friendly police officers in Nuristan province. A March air strike against suspected Taliban militants in Helmand province instead killed seven civilians, including three children. Earlier in March, nine boys out gathering firewood were mowed down by NATO helicopter gunships, which had mistaken them for militants. That same month, NATO forces accidentally killed President Karzai’s cousin. The list goes on…

Of course, US and NATO leaders tell us that they’re the good guys, that they don’t intentionally target civilians like the evil Taliban do. But let me ask you: do you think the parents of a dead baby really care if the child’s killer meant it or not? The end result is the same. And that result plays out on almost a daily basis in Afghanistan. The only way to ensure that the “good guys” don’t slaughter any more innocents is to get the “good guys” out of there. Not next year, not next week, not tomorrow, but NOW.


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