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French Journalist Tristane Banon Filing Rape Charge against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Just when the New York rape case against former IMF chief and French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn is imploding, a new attempted rape charge will be filed against the embattled Frenchman. According to Agence France-Presse, French journalist and writer Tristane Banon will file charges against Strauss-Kahn for allegedly attacking her in an apartment in 2003.

DSK's latest accuser.

According to Banon, Strauss-Kahn invited her to the apartment under the false pretense of granting her an exclusive interview. Instead, he came at her like “a rutting chimpanzee.” “I put down the recorder straight away to record him,” she told Paris Premiere. “He wanted to hold my hand while he replied, because he told me ‘I wouldn’t be able to manage unless you hold my hand.’ Then the hand went to my arm, then a bit further, so I stopped straight away. It finished very violently– as I told him clearly ‘No, No!’– and we finished up fighting on the floor. There weren’t just a couple of blows. I kicked him, and he tried to unclip my bra, to open my jeans.”

The revelation of the alleged assault is nothing new; Banon first made the allegation in a 2007 television interview in which the name of the powerful politician was bleeped out. But she later confirmed that she was indeed speaking about Strauss-Kahn. But heeding the advice of her mother, Socialist politician Anne Mansouret, Banon remained silent about her alleged ordeal. “I didn’t want to be for the rest of my days the girl who had had a problem with a politician,” she told AFP.

Banon’s lawyer, David Koubbi, denied any political or opportunistic motivation behind the attempted rape charge. “Tristane Banon really underwent what she is accusing Mr. Strauss-Kahn of,” he told L’Express. “Even if [the New York] case against Mr. Strauss-Kahn turns out to be unfounded, ours is not. It is extremely solid and backed-up.”

That New York rape case against Strauss-Kahn seems to be falling apart after prosecutors called into question the accuser’s credibility. Things were looking up for the onetime French presidential candidate, and as he was released from house arrest on Friday there was even talk of him resuming his bid for the presidency. Now he’ll have to deal with sex crimes charges all over again.

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  1. AtomdombJuly 7, 2011 at 9:43 amReply

    Probably another lying whore. Don’t get me wrong I think the guy is a sleezeball, but is there any evidence? If I met with Brett for a casual dinner and then went to his place for a game of pinochle, days later I could scream rape even though nothing happened.

    • Brett WilkinsJuly 7, 2011 at 11:29 amReplyAuthor

      We’ll see… you may very well be right.

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