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‘The Moral High Ground’: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Asks about Christian Militants during Anti-Muslim Congressional Hearing

Rep. Peter King, the New York Republican who convened Congressional hearings on radical Islam in America, clearly has a Muslim problem. And a hypocrisy problem, too– King was such an avowed supporter of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in the 1980s that he publicly declared he would not condemn the terrorist organization for killing innocent civilians.

King’s hypocrisy continues to this day. While his Islamophobic hearings unfairly target only Muslim extremism, both real and imagined, Christian militants get a free pass. This, despite evidence that the soldiers of Christ are able and willing of committing atrocities of their own. Witness the 2009 assassination of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller, murdered at point-blank range in his Wichita church by Army of God member Scott Roeder.

Indeed, one of the witnesses who wrote to Rep. King’s committee to warn about the dangers of radical Islam in American prisons had himself been arrested for bombing an abortion clinic!

One outstanding member of Congress actually had the courage to stand up to King’s bigotry. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, turned the tables on King’s committee when she addressed Patrick Dunleavy, a former New York Department of Correctional Services official.

“Are you familiar with the Christian militants?” she asked. “Can one might say that they might possibly want to undermine this country because right now the right for women to choose is a Constitutional right but people disagree with it but here is an individual trying to undermine the protections that are given to women? Would you suggest that might be compared to trying to undermine this country? That’s a possibility, is it not?”

Dunleavy had no choice but to agree. “Well, I think that anyone that goes about killing in the name of God is an ideologue,” he admitted.

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