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‘Douche du Jour’: Hockey Riots in Downtown Vancouver Following Canucks’ Game 7 Stanley Cup Loss to Boston Bruins

Angry rioters destroyed property and clashed with police in downtown Vancouver this evening following the Canucks’ game 7 Stanley Cup hockey loss to the Boston Bruins. According to CTV, a crowd of 100,000 gathered in the downtown area, although the number of people responsible for the mayhem is much smaller than that.

The rioters chanted “FUCK BOSTON!” as they set fire to and flipped dumpsters and vehicles, including police cars, and smashed store windows. Some also burned homemade replicas of the Stanley Cup trophy. There were also many reports of fights, and CTV showed a photograph of a man in a Bruins jersey lying on Georgia Street with blood streaming from his face.

Vancouver police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) units tried to control the rioters, some of whom pelted them with beer bottles and shoes despite the tear gas used to keep them at bay. Police shut down several major streets and bridges in a bid to keep people out of the downtown area. Bus service was also suspended after 9:30pm in the area.

Mayor Gregor Robertson called the riot “disappointing.”

“Vancouver is a world-class city and it is embarrassing and shameful to see the type of violence and disorder we’ve seen tonight,” he told CTV. “It is unfortunate that a small number of people intent on criminal activity have turned pockets of the downtown into areas involving destruction of property and confrontations with police.”

The chaotic scene was reminiscent of the 1994 riots, when the Canucks lost to the New York Rangers.

Tonight’s seventh and final game of the Stanley Cup Finals– the top prize in all of hockey– was a rout, with the Boston Bruins emerging victorious following a 4-0 walloping.

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