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Osama bin Laden, Sex Machine

June 12, 2011 by Brett Wilkins in Sex, War on Terror with 1 Comment

Osama bin Laden was a sex machine who would make love to his first wife for days on end, according to an interview with the woman conducted by investigative journalist Jean Sasson.

The Daily Mail reports that whenever the al-Qaeda terror chief returned from waging jihad, he would disappear into a bedroom with Najwa, the first of his six wives, and not come out for days.

Osama bin Laden, passionate about jihad and sex.

Sasson asked Najwa, who was 17 when she wed bin Laden, what her favorite time with him was. “The sleeping time,” she replied. Sasson added that Najwa wasn’t actually referring to sleeping, but to more amorous pursuits.

“Omar (her son) said that when he was a child, Osama would come home from Afghanistan and take Najwa into the bedroom and they wouldn’t come out for days,” Sasson said.

Najwa bore bin Laden 10 children before he divorced her prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States.

Bin Laden was living with three wives at the time he was assassinated by US Navy SEALS in Pakistan. The Americans found herbal viagra in his compound.

One of those wives, Amal al-Sadeh (who was shot in the leg when the SEALS burst into her bedroom and killed bin Laden), last month claimed that Osama was hooked on avena syrup, marketed as a natural impotence remedy similar to Viagra.

Sasson’s interview also revealed other intimate details of life in the bin Laden family.

“Osama had these kicks where he would take the boys out into the desert and have them march long distances and not give them water,” she told the Daily Mail. “But after 1994, after the Saudis froze his assets and revoked his passport, and there had been attempts on his life, he became more paranoid and decided that the whole family had to survive with nothing. He started including the wives and the small children, and he would drive them into the desert and have them dig holes and sleep in them, using only the sand to keep them warm.”

Najwa also told Sasson that although she didn’t think bin Laden was crazy, he “often suffered from depression and got very quiet.”

The Daily Mail reports that Osama’s fourth son, Omar, has written a book called Growing Up bin Laden which will be released soon. Omar, age 30, said he just wanted a normal childhood but could never have one because of who his father was.

He added that he believes his father’s assassination was illegal and he could consider taking legal action against the United States.


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One Comment

  1. marjan lucasSeptember 11, 2012 at 2:47 amReply

    Funny to read this article, ‘Osama bin Laden, Sex Machine’: the wrtier of the book ‘Manhunt’, about the operation in Abbottabad in May 2011, said he knew about the Avenasirop but was surprised about all the pornography in his computer. ‘I know him after intervieuwing him and longtime of research on him, but don’t know him to be a man like that’, the author said. He didn’t feel it relevant. I wonder if he’d conclude the same if he was a female writer?

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