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Australia Considers Killing 1.2 Million Farting Camels to Fight Global Warming

The Australian government is considering a plan to slaughter all of the nation’s 1.2 million wild camels in a bid to reduce carbon pollution. According to the Daily Mail and Bloomberg, the camel cull could help Australia generate carbon credits which it would then sell to companies wanting to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

Australia's camels were considered useful, once upon a time… (Photo: Donna Barber)

Wait, you’re asking, camels in Australia? Yes, camels. Over a million of them, and growing fast– their population is expected to double by 2020. The animals were brought Down Under by Afghan migrant workers in the 1800s to help lay roads and railroads across the massive, forbidding desert continent. They were also used to transport goods to remote settlements and mines.

But today the camels are seen first and foremost as a nuisance by farmers, and even conservationists. Each camel farts the equivalent of one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year. Add that up and you’ve got a real problem– well over 1.2 million metric tons of methane polluting the air over Australia. The camels are one of Australia’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters.

The camels also cause more than $5 million in damage to pastoral lands, fences and buildings each year, according to the Australian government.

Killing the animals, which would be done by shooting them from helicopters or off-road vehicles, is “a critically important part of the solution to climate change and bringing Australia along with the rest of the global community in reducing emissions,” Tim Moore, the managing director of Northwest Carbon and the man behind the cull plan, told Bloomberg.

“We’re a nation of innovators and we find innovative solutions to our challenges,” he added. “This is just a classic example.”

It seems to me like it’s a classic example of man dealing with a manmade problem through violence against innocent sentient beings. Killing more than a million animals in this manner is nothing short of a camel Holocaust. Yes, the meat would be processed for human and animal consumption and yes, Australia does have a camel problem. But there’s got to be another way to solve it other than the wholesale slaughter of innocent animals.

Does the plan have a chance to be put into action? Moore thinks so. “I’m confident the proposal, now before the government, will get the go-ahead,” he opined.

Moore added that the mass killing was a “great job opportunity” for Austalia’s often-impoverished Aboriginies.

Mark Dreyfus, the parliamentary secretary for climate change, told the Daily Mail that Moore’s plan is but one that the government is considering to reduce carbon pollution. The plan would be part of the Carbon Farming Initiative legislation and will be debated in parliament next week, according to Climate Change Minister Greg Combet. Bloomberg reports that Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants to begin pricing carbon emissions next year and start trading them as soon as 2015.

It wouldn’t be the first time that camels have been killed en masse in Australia. Tens of thousands of the animals are killed each year; this new plan is just the first time killing all of them has been seriously considered by the government.

Here’s a little friendly advice for Australia, a country I love and once lived in: Per capita, you’re one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters on the planet. How about relying less upon filthy coal power, encouraging the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles (like the US, Aussies love big, thirsty V8 motors), and exploiting your abundant solar and wind resources instead of massacring helpless animals?


ABC (Australia) report from a 2009 camel cull:

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  1. vivek dcostaJune 10, 2011 at 5:22 amReply

    is that a way of handling a problem by killing poor helpless animals why dont the australians give up their cars so that there will be less pollution

  2. VinmegaJune 14, 2011 at 4:44 amReply

    Innovators? We shoot animals from helicopters all the time here in the USA!

  3. Birgit SihnJune 15, 2011 at 1:40 pmReply

    I find this a scandal and I would like to do something against it. I already wrote to the politicians.

  4. alotaibiJune 17, 2011 at 6:26 amReply

    that is an excuse to kill the camels for Farting!!!, instead of killing the camels I will offer $100 for each, who ever is interesting mail me,

  5. wayne cornellJuly 5, 2011 at 4:36 pmReply

    what a ;;joke ;; next it be us ;;eating
    farting beans !! australia is great country; but has gone complete cokoo
    we are lowest polluters in world
    usa and other countries have no carbon tax
    but us morrons will ;; it kill off ;; lots industeries out there !! thanks pollys

  6. YasminJuly 8, 2011 at 3:19 pmReply

    how much pollution is caused by Homo Sapiens smoking cigarettes and fart, eh?! EXECUTE THEM

  7. FreddIJuly 24, 2011 at 8:48 pmReply

    thats a joke, isn’t it? the quotes in this article makes me believe that the goverment really trust in this shit… killing 1.2 million (just think about the ammunition costs xD) camels becourse they are farting? what the fuck is wrong with australia?

  8. JasonJanuary 6, 2012 at 5:59 pmReply

    They should ban farting Australians in all bars world wide!

  9. BillJanuary 14, 2012 at 12:45 amReply

    They seem to be trying to use control of an invasive species as an excuse to play the stupid carbon credit game. If they need to get rid of this invasive species, that’s fine. Trying to justify that action with global warming hysteria is pathetic.

  10. BeigeJanuary 15, 2012 at 7:43 pmReply

    Wait a minute! Where are all the naked PETA celebrity whores? Why aren’t they whining and ripping off their clothes to save the camels? Why isn’t some STD-ridden starlet floating air biscuits in solidarity with the beasties?

    • Brett WilkinsJanuary 15, 2012 at 8:08 pmReplyAuthor

      Maybe PETA doesn’t know about this story yet…

  11. BillDecember 11, 2012 at 12:36 pmReply

    Well then, let’s just kill all animals, then commit mass-suicide. That ought to do the trick. ‘Course, there’d be no one around to appreciate it, but surely it would make the environmentalists happy. People are flipping nuts.

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