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Man who Filmed Fatal Miami Beach Police Shooting Held at Gunpoint & Handcuffed while Cops Destroyed Evidence

A Florida couple who filmed Miami Beach police fatally shooting an armed robbery suspect is accusing officers of  intimidation and destruction of evidence.

According to the Miami Herald, Narces Benoit and his girlfriend Ericka Davis witnessed the dramatic shooting at 4am Monday morning– Memorial Day– from just a few feet away. Dozens of officers, who had been chasing suspect Raymond Herisse through the streets of Miami Beach, can be seen in Benoit’s cell phone video blasting away at Herisse’s stopped Hyundai.

After the gunfire subsided, an officer noticed Benoit and yelled for him to stop filming. The 35-year-old car stereo technician from West Palm Beach and his girlfriend then hurried back to their SUV, but officers quickly caught up with them. One of them orders an incredulous Benoit out of his vehicle at gunpoint.

“They put guns to our heads and threw us on the ground,” Davis told the Herald.

One officer seized Benoit’s cell phone, saying “you want to be a fucking Paparazzi?” as he stomped on the phone and then handcuffed him. They weren’t alone– Benoit said he saw officers destroying other witnesses’ phones as well.

Benoit was able to recover the phone’s SIM card and hide it in his mouth. When officers took him to a mobile command center and demanded he turn over the video, he lied and said he couldn’t because the phone was destroyed.

The Miami Beach Police Department claims to know nothing about the way which Benoit and Davis were treated. Chief Carlos Noriega told the Herald that Benoit’s video is evidence that could help them investigate the Herisse case.

But Benoit says he’s thinking about selling the video to a website. Here it is:

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  1. Brad RiegnerJune 9, 2011 at 2:11 amReply

    I don’t get it. How many times does this have to happen before we all acknowledge that police departments and officers all over this country are out of control? And after destroying his phone to hide the incriminating evidence, the Miami PD did a 180 and demanded he turn over the evidence they thought they destroyed?! Every month something like this happens, and it seems the internet is the only way we ever find out about it; the TV news certainly never reports it.

    Attention cops all over America: YOU ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS; you don’t have the right to privacy in your work! Stop intimidating innocent bystanders and stop destroying evidence! It doesn’t work, and the fact that you try only makes things worse for you!

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