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Fox News’ Hannity: Sesame Street is Destroying America

I love watching Fox News. Not because they’re the self-proclaimed champions of “fair and balanced” journalism. Not because they’re the “most trusted news source in America” (that one is, sadly, true). Not because of all the stunningly attractive women who host or contribute to their programs (not you, Van Sustern). No, I love watching Fox News because for the shock value. I thoroughly enjoy the insight Fox provides into the “real America.” And from what I see every day on Fox, the “real America” is looking “real stupid.”

Case in point: on a recent edition of Hannity, host Sean Hannity convened his signature ‘Great American Panel,’ which on this occasion consisted of Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund, former Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell and author Ben Shapiro. There’s never a Fox panel without a villain, and on this day the bad guy was the ever-popular PBS children’s program Sesame Street. Really.

The panelists eviscerated the show and its beloved kids’ characters, from Elmo to Big Bird. Shapiro, author of a book about Hollywood bias, even went so far to admit he wants to execute the furry puppets. “I kinda wanna take ’em out back and cap ’em,” he spat.

When Hannity asked how Elmo could be considered a liberal, Shapiro digressed into a conversation about how Sesame Street is undermining families. As an example, he slammed parenting advice offered on the show’s website that encourages moms and dads to allow their girls to play with toy trucks.

“And that’s setting up a problem,” Blackwell chimed in. “Just this year, a high school in Virginia named a guy who is openly gay as prom queen,” he added.

Come again??

First of all, what on earth is wrong with that? Second, how the hell does Sesame Street have anything to do with it?

Blackwell went on to equate liberal children’s programming to totalitarian regimes hell-bent on destroying church and family. Of course by family, he means a man and woman, married (preferably in a church), with good god-fearing, gun-toting kids who always watch Fox News and never watch Sesame Street.

If all of this seems too absurd to be true, just sit back and watch this:

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  1. KristinJune 10, 2011 at 6:42 amReply

    Did this guy actually say that liberals don’t promote reading, writing & math!? Umm… most un(der)educated people I have encountered consider themselves… what? …that’s right–conservative!

  2. walterAugust 22, 2011 at 8:29 pmReply

    i am a consertive and had a 8th grade edcuation.and i would like fox news to encourage the under privelaged to register as a republican and vote ive worked hard all my life and i votet republican at18 i grew up in a shack and decided to leave at 14 and have more out of life im tired of the lazy people on welfare doing drugs and having babys kenniedy and johnson created welfare for people retireing that needed it but he left a loophole i say dont work then starve it may sound cruel but i had to work at 8 in a coal mines to help support the family we should teach men and wemon to only have children if they can support those babys not expect us to pick up their tab im fed up with giveaway programs i just wish people like hannity would have some people like me on so we can express our views instead of the same ol thing walt

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