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In America’s Ally Bahrain, Female Doctors Tortured & Threatened with Rape

Female Shiite doctors in Bahrain have been arrested, tortured and threatened with rape as the government attempts to put down a wave of protest in the tiny Sunni-ruled Persian Gulf monarchy.

France 24 reports that the women were arrested because authorities believe they are siding with pro-democracy demonstrators, mostly Shiites, who are calling for greater freedom and societal inclusion.

Several female doctors spoke anonymously about their horrific ordeals with France 24.

One said she was told she would be “beaten like a donkey and tortured” until she agreed to say whatever she was told to by her captors. When she replied that she was just a doctor treating protesters injured by state security forces, she was beaten, blindfolded and handcuffed, and severely beaten on the soles of her feet with a hose or an electrical cable.

The next day she says she was accused of having “mutah,” a form of temporary marriage accepted by Shiites but scorned as adultery by Sunnis. “I will have mutah with you,” one of her torturers threatened. “I will hang you from your breasts and rape you.”

The doctor agreed to sign whatever her captors told her to. She was released from custody after 20 hellish days, and only after promising not to talk to the media or participate in any protests.

Other doctors tell similar tales of beatings, torture and sexual humiliation. They say they now fear being put on trial; 47 medical professionals have been referred to a special court established by King Hamad in March.

And while NATO and the United States continue to bomb the daylights out of Libya for its human rights violations, there has been no condemnation or even comment from the Obama administration regarding the horrific atrocities committed by Bahraini authorities against these female doctors. That’s because Bahrain is an important US ally in the region, with the US Navy Fifth Fleet based there as a check on Iranian power.

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