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Mother Gives Botox Injections to Eight-Year-Old Daughter

A British woman living in San Francisco, California says she injects her eight-year-old daughter with Botox to “get rid of her wrinkles.”

According to Yahoo! and ABC’s Good Morning America, 34-year-old Kerry Campbell does this to help her daughter Britney “keep up” in the insanely competitive world of child beauty pageants.

Kerry says Britney is used to the painful injections of the bacterial botulinum toxin, which can cause some pretty nasty side affects, although the little girl admitted that she used to cry when first given the shots.

“It hurts sometimes. It makes me nervous. But I get used to it,” she told Good Morning America. “I just don’t think wrinkles are nice for little girls,” she added.

I didn’t know little girls got wrinkles.












Kerry insists what she is doing is safe and that she’s not the only mom in the cutthroat world of child pageantry who is resorting to such seemingly shocking measures.

“A lot of mums there give their kids Botox,” she explained. “It’s pretty much like the thing. I’m not the only one that does it. A lot of mums do it.”

Kerry is a part-time beautician who says she gets the Botox, a regulated substance, from someone “behind the doctor’s scene,” whatever that means. She says she also injects herself with the drug.

When asked if shooting her eight-year-old’s face full of toxins amount to a loss of childhood innocence, Kerry replied “it’s a tough world in the pageant world.”

Dr. Charles Sophy, a California psychiatrist, cautioned that in addition to physical pain, psychological scars can result from the injections.

“I’m a little bit in disbelief, and a little bit horrified,” he told Good Morning America. “There’s a lot of psychological damage that can be caused. That’s where psychological intervention need to happen to make sure there are no blurred boundaries and projections going on that are going to have longer psychological ramifications for this child.”

But all that psychobabble means nothing to little Britney.

“It looks way better,” she said of her face after Botox. “Beautiful, pretty, like all those kinds of nice words.”

UPDATE: After child welfare authorities intervened and took custody of Britney, Kerry now says she made the whole story up for $200. It looks like Moral Low Ground as well as Good Morning America and countless other media outlets just got hoaxed!

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