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‘Douche du Jour’: Argentinean Journalist Fired After Threatening to Violently Rape Activist

An Argentinean reporter has been fired from his job eight weeks after publicly threatening to violently rape an anti-street harassment activist, Raw Story reports.

The reporter, Juan Terranova of the magazine El Guardián, wrote a March 3 article expressing disdain for activist Inti Maria Tidball-Binz’s work with Hollaback International, an organization that strives to end street harassment against women and gays using mobile technology.

In his article, Terranova says there is a “beautiful richness” to the “obscene language” of street harassment. He goes on to write:

“I finish here with a wish for 2011: to meet Inti Maria Tidball-Binz at a vernissage, share a drink, and later tell her that I would love to break her argument with my cock.”

On his blog, the last part of that was much, much douchier:

“I would love to break her asshole with my cock.”

For those of you who speak Spanish, the original, as is so often the case, sounds even more “poetic”:

“Termino así con un deseo para este 2011: encontrar a Inti María Tidball-Binz en un versnisagge, tomar juntos una copa y luego decirle que me encantaría romperle el culo a pijazos. Salud.”

“Terranova made an explicit rape threat and used offensive language that could have consequences in a real life situation,” Tidball-Binz is quoted as saying by Raw Story. The incredible thing about this whole fiasco is that it took El Guardián two months to fire him. After launched a petition, advertisers Fiat and Lacoste pulled their ads from the magazine, but Terranova wasn’t fired until now. Tidball-Binz says she’s happy he’s finally gone.

“What started off as something terrible turned into something beautiful,” she said. “Not just personally but also as a first step in changing the high levels of discrimination in the media in Argentina. We have set precedents. We have spoken out for all those who are currently discriminated against and threatened in the media… I’ve felt enormously empowered by all of this support.”


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