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About That “Firefight”– Unarmed Bin Laden Assassinated in Front of His 12-Year-Old Daughter

Turns out that “firefight” the US government claimed took place as Navy SEALs raided Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan hideout was really a slaughter. MSNBC reports that four out of the five people shot dead during the assault were unarmed. This is in stark contrast to the Obama administration’s original claim that the SEAL team came under “heavy small arms fire” in a “prolonged” firefight.

As the SEALs moved into the compound, they did come under small arms fire from a guest house. They returned fire, killing one of bin Laden’s couriers and his wife, who got caught in the crossfire.

A second SEAL team entered the main residence, killing a lone man on the first floor before running into one of bin Laden’s sons on the way down a staircase. He was unarmed; the SEALs shot and killed him on the spot.

Making their way to the third floor, the SEALs barged into bin Laden’s bedroom. When one of his wives rushed them, she was shot in the leg. The same SEAL who did this then turned his weapon on bin Laden himself, who MSNBC says was unarmed and dressed in pajamas. He was shot once in the chest and one in the head. The New York Daily News reports that his 12-year-old daughter witnessed the assassination.

After the SEALs finished their grisly hit job, they gathered 22 women and children, restraining the women with plastic handcuffs, and left them all for Pakistani security forces to discover.

It was far from the intense firefight the Obama administration claimed. It was a brutish extrajudicial whack job totally unbefitting a nation that claims to pride itself on adherence to the rule of law.

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  1. StevenMay 6, 2011 at 11:37 pmReply

    I love how those devoid of qualifications or know-how feel they are better qualified than NavySeals – or are more aware of what the risks were in that particular scenario because of a blurb read on You agree and Michael Moore, 200lbs overweight, seem to have the ‘moves’.

    Armed with an English degree and a penchant for cutting-and-pasting, Brett Wilkins strikes again.

    “So safely with your software, but miles from the front-lines, oh, any excuse to write more lies.” – Morrissey

    • Brett WilkinsMay 6, 2011 at 11:45 pmReplyAuthor

      Um, how do I think I know better than the Navy SEALS? I never said I did. And the information I am using is from the Obama administration’s own releases, as reported by international news outlets. And I am armed with an international relations, not an English degree, so I do believe I know when an extrajudicial whack job is legal or not.

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